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SpyMyFone coupon codeSpyMyFone -Call Tracker for Android & iOS
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $39.99
SpyMyFone Coupon Code: Get 25% OFF on Premium Edition

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How to Redeem SpyMyFone Coupon Code?

In order to avail this discount, you just need to click on the SpyMyFone promo code and choose your suitable subscription plans to get this cell phone spying software for parent at a discounted rate.

An In-depth Review of SpyMyFone

Keeping an eye on the kid is not only crucial for parents but for country as well. People learn the good morale when they know they are being monitored. In this SpyMyFone review, you will learn how this app could bring lots of change in your life.

What is SpyMyFone?

spymyfone coupon codeKeeping an eye over your families’ or kids’ cellphones just got smarter, with the SpyMyFone App you have every smartphone under your surveillance. The app operates on tablets, Android phones, iPad and iPhone.

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Why We Need SpyMyFone?

SpyMyFone provides complete access over the targeted phone and makes it easy to know the activity of the person anywhere at any time. For the parents, who want to know every activity occurring on their child’s phone, SpyMyFone helps in this regards. Employers can also be benefited from this spying software, as it makes it easy to know what is being done on their employees’ cell phone at the work lace.

Key Features:

SpyMyFone call tracker provides following spying perks – it helps in:

  • Viewing call and messages
  • Showing alerts on specific callers in contacts
  • Tracking messages on Instagram DM, Viber, We chat, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Snapchat and Skype chats
  • Offering live GPS location and Geofences tracking (setting up forbidden zones and safe zones and how often they were visited)
  • Accessing offline and online activities like browser history, multimedia files, reading emails
  • Providing remote controls like a live screenshot, app monitoring, instant alerts (on use of certain keywords, contacts, locations, etc.), and app blocking

How to Install SpyMyFone?

Keeping an eye on your employees and loved ones is as easy as pie by following three simple steps

  1. Sign up for SpyMyFone

Sign up for a free account on SpyMyFone and select the mobile monitoring subscription plan that fits perfectly to your needs.

  1. Install and Setup

Once done with the account, follow the instructions listed in your email (provided by the company) to download and run SpyMyFone Monitoring App on the required tablet or smartphone.

  1. Start Monitoring

It is very quick to begin with SpyMyFone. To finish the setup just login to your SpyMyFone dashboard by using your account details.

How SpyMyFone Works

SpyMyFone is a top web-based phone spying service for tracking locations and having parental control on family members. Using SpyMyFone is no rocket science but it does ask the users to have legal access to a targeted smartphone (in the case of android or iCloud knowledge in the case of the iPhone).

  • Signup online for SpyMyFone Spy Service

Visit SpyMyFone.com to either “Sign up” or “Try it now” to create a SpyMyFone account. Using a genuine email is highly recommended as it will aid in getting important emails like order confirmation details or resetting the password.

  • Activate SpyMyFone on the targeted smartphone

The spying service depends on the Operating System of the cell phone that needs to spy. To spy an android tablet or phone, choose the android icon and then select the plan that is according to your need. The ultimate subscription plan provides all the advanced features for phone spying:

  1. Type in the essential information of the person you are willing to monitor
  2. Setup a few settings while enabling “installing apps from ‘Unknown sources’”
  3. Download and Install SpyMyFone app on a targeted device. Once you install the app, you can hide the app icon.
  4. Login to your SpyMyFone account and start the spy service
  • Spying an iPhone or iPad?

To spy an iPad or iPhone (after choosing the device), enter and confirm the iCloud ID i.e. iCloud email and password. Remember to check that two-step authentication is not enabled.

  • Selecting the desired way to monitor

On completing the above steps, you can log in to the SpyMyFone dashboard at any time from anywhere by using any web browser through the following URL: https://my.spymyfone.com/dashboard.html

Furthermore, you might want to consider installing the SpyMyFone control panel app.

Is SpyMyFone detectable?

The app itself offers the feature of hiding the app icon which makes it hard to track for the targeted phone’s user. Only the person installing the SpyMyFone on the selected device has complete control over the app’s dashboard, making monitoring highly safe and secure without the other person knowing it.

Compatibility with different Operating Systems:

  • For iOS:

SpyMyFone is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 8.0 or later, the targeted device doesn’t need to be jailbreak in order to install this iPhone spy app.

  • For Android:

SpyMyFone is compatible with Android devices running Android Version 4.0 or Later. Any brand LG, Samsung, etc. can run the app as long as they run Android 4.0 or Later. The target device doesn’t need to be root in order to install this Android spy app.

Pricing & Plans

  • For Android

Currently, the company offers two packages to choose from one being the premium edition and the other one being the ultimate edition.

  • Premium Edition

SpyMyFone Premium edition(having access only to call logs, GPS location, text messages, contacts, calendar activities, bookmarks, videos, apps, photos and browser history) can be bought at:

  • $39.99/month
  • $49.99/3-months
  • $99.99/1-year


  • Ultimate Edition

SpyMyFone Ultimate edition (having all the features) can be bought at:

  • $49.99/month
  • $59.99/3-months
  • $109.99/1-year ($8.33 per month)

New SpyMyFone Android Spy Coupon Code:

SpyMyFone coupon codeSpyMyFone -Call Tracker for Android & iOS
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $39.99
SpyMyFone Coupon Code: Get 25% OFF on Premium Edition

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  • For iOS

Currently, the company offers only one plan for iOS, which is:

  • $39.99/month

New SpyMyFone iOS Spy Coupon Code:

SpyMyFone coupon codeSpyMyFone -Call Tracker for Android & iOS
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $39.99
SpyMyFone Coupon Code: Get 25% OFF on Premium Edition

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What Makes SpyMyFone Different to Other Phone Monitoring Software?

SpyMyFone provides a user-friendly dashboard to work with while giving ease of access over different monitoring features. With online monitoring, parents know what their children have been up to on their smartphones. Employers are relieved from the burden that whether or not their information is being exchanged or leaked out to their competitors. SpyMyFone enables the employer to catch any mischievous activity from employees using office equipment.

Whether it’s an office or a home you know you have control over all the devices making it easier to sit back and relax while having strict surveillance over everyone’s activity.

Quick SpyMyFone.com Reviews:

Website Layout

spymyfone review

You can visit their official website at https://www.spymyfone.com. The website provides a highly user-friendly interface making it easy to access every piece of information available online. You can simply follow the step by step signup information guide on the website to get started or you can actually checkout the working of the app on the website by selecting the option “view Demo”.

Order & Payment

All international credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and JCB are accepted as major payment method. PayPal and other local payment methods are also accepted in certain areas and countries.

Customer Service

To help the customers with their queries and feedback, the website has a dedicated page for customer support, FAQs and contact the team at: https://www.spymyfone.com/support-center/

Online Support

Any customer interested in getting online support or providing their feedback can contact the company at their following web address: https://www.spymyfone.com/feedback.html

Bottom Line – Is SpyMyFone Legit?

Once the device you are tracking is synchronized you are able to have complete access to monitor any aspect of the device. It is a great app for parents eager about the wellbeing of their children so they know each and every move of their child through his/her smartphone.

On the other hand, an employer worried about the confidentially of his workplace can easily keep track of his/her employees’ activities. In the end, if you are interested in having control over your work or home or you don’t have much trust in people, you should definitely install this app on devices you want to access.

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Should I Buy SpyMyFone?

Right now the company is providing a promotion to avail discounts on their different packages. In the pricing plans, the customers can get the amazing discount of up to 25% on their order right away with our special Spy My Fone coupon code below. Limited time only!

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SpyMyFone coupon codeSpyMyFone -Call Tracker for Android & iOS
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $39.99
SpyMyFone Coupon Code: Get 25% OFF on Premium Edition

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