How to Monitor Android Phone without Rooting?

Apart from basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter, mobile phones are added to this list and have become an important possession of everyone. Now a day’s everyone from children to elder everyone has a mobile phone and mostly Android mobiles are used as they are user friendly and affordable. While we are a parent or a boss, we may want to track the activities done by the children or employee on their android phones. One would say we have to do rooting that is a process performed on the Android devices to liberate it from all the set of limitations that are inflicted by the manufacturer. We would wonder that how to monitor Android phone without rooting? And as a solution we have so many Android spy apps available. It is not necessary to undergo rooting process for device running with Android operating system to track basic features but to access advanced features rooting is required.

How to Monitor Android Phone without Rooting?

Requirements to spy an Android phone:

The first and foremost thing we would need is a spy app. With the help of spy app only we would be able to track the target’s android phone. There are many spy apps available we can choose any one and most importantly have to download the app in the target’s phone. We must make sure that the spy app should be compatible to work on the target’s phone and should also have internet connection. The Google play store doesn’t support third party apps that make themselves unknown on the phone and so if we download any spy app from Google play store then it will definitely show up in the notifications when they are active. So we have to download it from other sources.

Procedure to Install the Android Spy App:

  • Step 1: We have to look for a spy app and have to choose the package we need provided by the app and have to buy it.
  • Step 2: After we have bought the pack we would get an ID which would be our user ID.
  • Step 3:  Now we would have to download the app in the target mobile through the spy app website and then would have to enter our ID. Once it is done, the app will start monitoring the target device.
  • Step 4: We would be able to track all the activities done on the target device at any remote location using any web browser.
  • Step 5: We can even easily install the software directly in our mobile to have a proper look on activities.

Check this video to know how to install Android monitoring app without rooting step-by-step:

How Does Android Monitoring App Work?

After the installation of the Android monitoring software on the target phone, the activities taking place on the phone are recorded by the software and are called data logs. Depending on the type of package we had selected only that particular activities will be recorded. The data logs are then set to the spy software company web servers through the internet. Even the deleted messages or media will be sent to the servers and are stored on them. The data logs will be presented on the dashboard of our account and when we login to our account using the ID we would be able to see all the reports. The data stored is secured and can be seen only by us with our ID. The internet connectivity is very important. If the target phone has no connectivity the software won’t be able to send the data logs. Also, without internet we cannot login to our account.

We would able to monitor only those activities which come under our subscribed package. However we can access only basic features without rooting. There is various Android spy software which provide different types of features. Some of the common features provided are:

  • We could read the text messages sent and received by the target device.
  • The call logs and contact list can be checked.
  • We can track their browsing history and view their bookmarked websites.
  • If the any notes are saved on target device that can be read.
  • In android mobiles, Gmail id is synced and so we can easily check the emails.
  • The multimedia folders in the device can be viewed.
  • The GPS location of the target user can be discovered.
  • Live call recording feature is also provided by some spy apps.

3 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Undetectable:

It is possible to track any device without rooting. People would ask how to spy on Android phone without rooting? There are many Android spy apps available today but we like only best for ourselves. We are spying someone’s device and so we couldn’t take risk of being caught due to any mistake done by the software and so we should be very careful in selecting good monitoring software. There are 3 leading spy software apps for Android undetectable. These software provides android tracking without rooting and provide advanced features of the activities running on the target device. They also have 24/7 customer care support which we could use in case of any discrepancy. Millions of people are using it as the information is kept safe by them. We can have a demo of how it works on their website. Even the rates of the packages provided by them are reliable to the features provided. Also they have customized and user friendly interface for monitoring with the help of latest tracking technology.

1. iKeymonitor

ikeymonitor coupon codeiKeyMonitor & EaseMon – Best Android and iPhone Monitoring App for Parental Control
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iKeyMonitor is a monitoring application which allows monitoring of other devices. Even though it was developed for a universal target, it seems that corporate and parents are the ones who mostly gain the benefits form the features. iKeyMonitor offers standard monitoring features at a very competitive price. You can basically spy your kids or employees with iKeyMonitor.

2. mSpy

mspy coupon codemSpy – The Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control

OS Support: Android, iOS , Mac and PC

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mSpy develops a reliable parental control software for monitoring and protection.  It offers advanced surveillance tools which can deal with any potential threats generated by online exposure. mSpy parental control software with both mobile and computer internet activities. It operates in stealth mode as it keeps recording the logs of your kids’ computer or smartphone. mSpy allows you to keep informed with the activity data sent to your mSpy user account.

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3. Qustudio

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Qustodio app allows you to monitor all the internet activities of your kids. This parental control software offers you access to every information necessary for protecting your kids from general and specific internet violence, inappropriate content, being a target of online predators as well as prevent/overcome the gadget addiction. This way, you’re allowed improve the internet safety and productivity of your kids and the whole family. Qustodio adopts advanced features which can be fully used after you purchase the plans.

Android phone spy software without rooting is all in one solution for everyone who wants to spy someone’s Android mobile phone. It should be kept in mind that spying shouldn’t lead to any leak of sensitive information. Before spying, we must make sure that it is legal in our area or country or else we would land in some problem. We shouldn’t make any mistake while installing the software or else it wouldn’t work properly so it is better to read and follow each and every instructions provided by the software while installation.

(How to Monitor Android Phone without Rooting?)

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