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It’s a world of technology and gadgets where everyone wants the latest smartphones and tablets etc. Even the kids are not left behind. However, this latest trend of technology has become a problem for parents as now their kids spend more time on the web world and less time with them. Not everything on this cyber world is friendly for kids which might leave behind some dreadful results. At this point, ClevGuard named app comes to rescue. It helps parents keeping a close eye on kids and controlling their gadget addiction. In this ClevGuard review, you will learn more about them. Please also check our ClevGuard coupon code to get discount on this powerful parental control software.

ClevGuard Review – Is KidsGuard Pro for Android & iOS Legit?

What is ClevGuard?

clevguard coupon codeClevGuard is an parental control app (KidsGuard Pro for Android & iOS) which allows parents to keep a track of their kid’s online routine and protect them from getting affected by its fake charm. Whether its iOS or Android, it can be installed in both of them. After performing many tests, ClevGuard has been developed in a way to provide satisfactory results to its users. With time, many improvements have been made within this app to make every upgrade and update more advanced from its previous version.

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Why We Need ClevGuard?

According to research, total 72% of children all over the world have access to smartphones and from which 8% of them are under 8 years. The percentage of teenagers, who own their personal smartphones, has been a victim of cyberbullying are 69%.  Also, the excessive level of smartphone games addiction has been seen in 23% of kids.

All these numbers show that it is very important for parents of all ages to protect their young ones from wrong and emotionally disturbing contents which may lead them towards depression or stress. ClevGuard can be a useful medium for parents to protect them from such harms.

KidsGuard Pro Key Features:

KidsGuard pro reviews

Some of the key features provided by ClevGuard are:

  • GPS Location: It helps parents locating their young ones recent and previous location.
  • Capture Screenshots: In android based smartphones, parents can keep track of their screenshots in real time.
  • App Activities: To prevent the addiction of social media in kids, this app keeps an eye on app activities.
  • Deleted Data: If your child deletes any file or media from their iOS phones, it can be viewed by parents as well.
  • 20 Data Types: Up to 20 types of data can be viewed by parents on their kid’s devices to understand them better.
  • Wi-Fi Logger: For Android phones, parents can keep a track on their child’s Wi-Fi logger.
  • Frequent Contacts: Parents can keep an eye on their kids frequently used numbers and messages.
  • Key Logger: Helps in tracking the search items of your child online by reading keystrokes on their android phones.

All these features help in understanding your kid’s pattern in the online world and keep them safe.

How to Install KidsGuard Pro for Android & iOS?

It is very easy for parents to download ClevGuard and monitor their kid’s online activities.

For Android Smartphones

In just three simple steps, android smartphone using parents can install this app:

clevguard download

  • Firstly, download KidsGuard Pro free trial in your PC.
  • Register yourself on the app of ClevGuard and buy a license from there.
  • Next select One Way in your desired iOS device to monitor.
  • Next, complete the process of setup then install ClevGuard Assistant in your desired android device.
  • After this process, KidsGuard Pro is ready to use. You can now monitor your kids’ online activities.

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How ClevGuard Works

kidsguard pro review

ClevGuard is one the best and most reliable source which focuses on monitoring data and track GPS for any iOS and Android device. The day it came into existence; ClevGuard has provided a great hand in keeping variation in monitoring features professionally like of Whatsapp, WeChat, SMS and other applications.

Wide range tests have been done to make every customer satisfied with its result. Continuous hard work to make this app more the advance company has released upgrades and updates to fix every type of bugs that comes out of nowhere while usage of this great monitoring app.

The best thing about using this app is that whatever data you monitor through Clev Guard stays private. Company doesn’t hold any rights of them, it’s your data and it’s just your property. It’s a part of the company’s policy that whether it’s national or global data, policy related to data’s protection should be followed strictly whoever a part of this contract is.

It is designed to work for both Android and iOS devices so parents can keep a close eye on their kid’s online activities.


  • For Android Device

KidsGuard for Android can be installed in any Android phone which runs 4.0 and its later versions. Physical access for one time is required to make ClevGuard usable in the desired device. To install the app, you don’t need to root it with the desired device. The device should have an internet connection to make attachment possible.

  • For iOS Device

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is available for:  iOS 9.0 – iOS 13

Pricing & Plans

Different sets of pricing have been customized so parents can choose the perfect plan from them.

For parents who like to monitor only one device Premium Plan has been designed for them which only costs $29.95 for one-month usage, if you want 3-month package then it will cost $59.95 and for whole one year this package can be purchased in just for $99.95. Please check our exclusive ClevGuard coupon code for our viewers below:

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Get 30% OFF on KidsGuard Pro 2.0 at The best tracking software for parent control. Expires 12/31/2023!

30% OFF ClevGuard Coupon Code:

Get 30% OFF on KidsGuard Pro 2.0 at The best tracking software for parent control. Expires 12/31/2023!

Note: Before using this parental control app, make sure that your country’s laws allow you to monitor a particular device. In case of installing this app, you certify that you are fully responsible for using this app according to the law.

What Makes ClevGuard to Other Parental Control Software?

In this technology era, it is very important for parents to keep an eye on their kids. As children are innocent and can’t differentiate between right and wrong, it is crucial to track their online activities to protect them from physical and emotional disturbance. ClevGuard helps parents in this process and guide them in keeping an eye on their young one.

There are many apps present which promises such things but no one can is as reliable as ClevGuard. ClevGuard users have shown satisfaction after using this app. Some of them even used it to keep track of their elder parents who had diseases like Alzheimer.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

clevguard review

If you have any more concern or wants from information related to this you can visit their website (

Order & Payment

It is very easy to make payments and receive your order. You can pay online through VISA, American Express, JCB and MasterCard facility or can send your payments through PayPal as well.

Customer Service

You can also contact their customer service about your queries and they will solve your problems via email.

Online Support

If you have any queries related to this app you can find all your answers on their online support center.

ClevGuard Review – Is ClevGuard Legit?

ClevGuard is one of a leading phone monitoring software which helps in providing a reliable source for parents to keep a track of their children’s online activities. This app provides confidential security, can keep an eye on ultimate apps which are used by your kids, and keeps your data well protected and secure.

Company’s customer service is available 24 hours in working days to resolve any kind of issues you are facing via email. ClevGuard also provides 30 days of money back guarantee after purchasing if it is unable to resolve your issue or fails to work properly.

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How to Order ClevGuard?

You can choose your desired package according to your devices’ compatibility. You will also save some money on purchasing their app when you use our promotion. Please use our ClevGuard coupon code to get discount on KidsGuard Pro for Android & iOS.

Free ClevGuard Coupon Code:

30% OFF ClevGuard Coupon Code:

Get 30% OFF on KidsGuard Pro 2.0 at The best tracking software for parent control. Expires 12/31/2023!

30% OFF ClevGuard Coupon Code:

Get 30% OFF on KidsGuard Pro 2.0 at The best tracking software for parent control. Expires 12/31/2023!

(ClevGuard Review & Coupon Code)

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