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SentryPC coupon codeSentryPC – Parental Control & Employee Monitoring App
OS Support: Windows,  Mac OS
Price: from $19.95
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SentryPC Review – Is SentryPC Legit?

This article provides an extensive review of the employee monitoring software, SentryPC. From this article, potential customers will get to understand what the software is, why it’s important to have it, its key features, how to install it, how it works, its detectability, its compatibility with different devices, and the available pricing and plans. Also discussed will be the key things that make this software different from its competitors in the market.

This SentryPC review also will conclude by providing an overview of the company’s website including its layout, how to order for the software, customer service, as well as availability of online support.

What is SentryPC?

Sentrypc coupon codeSentryPC is a software designed to help employers keep tabs on how their employees are using the company’s computer and internet resources. With this software, employers can easily and remotely monitor, filter, and control their employees’ computer and online activities anytime, and anywhere.

It is cloud based, and owing to its proficiency in remote monitoring, controlling, and filtering, it can be used as a parental control software as well.

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Why We Need SentryPC?


Both employers and parents need SentryPC because of its powerful monitoring, filtering, and time management remote capabilities.

Employers will greatly benefit from this software as it will allow them to monitor how employees are using the company’s computer and internet resources. The software also gives employers the ability to block or filter certain websites, apps, and content that may be draining the employees’ productivity levels.

For parents, this software comes in handy when they need to monitor their child’s screen time on the computer, as well as blocking their children from accessing certain websites, applications, or content. The software is also useful in helping parents have a full view of exactly what their kids are up to every time they are on the computer, and especially when they are on the Internet.

Best Sentry PC Coupon Code:

SentryPC coupon codeSentryPC – Parental Control & Employee Monitoring App
OS Support: Windows,  Mac OS
Price: from $19.95
SentryPC Coupon: Get 25% OFF on Business 100 Plan

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Key Features:

SentryPC consists of a few main features:

  1. Activity monitoring – this feature allows you to monitor every activity that a user undertakes on the target device. Each of these activities is recorded in real time, with full details about what exactly they did and at what time. Aspects of this feature include alert logging, chat conversation logging (for Windows only), keystrokes logging, IP logging, events timeline, online searches logging, screenshot capturing, and print job logging (Windows only).
  2. Content Filtering – this feature enables you to remotely filter and block certain content, websites, keywords, games, apps, and chats for target users in bulk or individually. The filtration can be set to specific hours, or the entire day. Aspects of this feature include app filtering, keyword filtering, phrase filtering, website filtering based on identified categories, and keyword activity alerts.
  3. Time Management – with this feature, you can create a schedule for when the users can use the target computers. You can do this by selecting the hours of the day that use is permissible. You can also set usage limits for every day or for the week.
  4. 24/7 cloud based remote access – you can access your account anywhere at any time whether the target computer is online and operational or not. You will be able to view the activities in the target device/devices in real time. In addition, you can monitor different computers and monitors at the same time.
  5. Remote Installation and Background operation – This software can be remotely installed without you physically handling the target device for installation. In addition, it will operate in the background of the target device, completely invisible to anyone who uses that computer.

How to Install SentryPC App?

After making the purchase, you will receive the install module in your SentryPC online account. Download this module, and follow the on-screen instructions provided. If you are choosing to install the software remotely, make sure that you select ‘No’ when prompted on whether you want a confirmation dialogue to appear once Installation is executed.

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How Sentry PC Works

SentryPC works by giving the account holder remote control over a target computer. With this software, the account holder can remotely monitor each activity undertaken using the target device in real time. The account holder can also control what kinds of websites, contents, and apps that the target device can access. You will get an alert each time that certain keywords or phrases are used, or when certain websites are accessed.

Is SentryPC detectable?

SentryPC is not detectable as it works under Stealth mode in the target device. The users of these devices will never know they are being monitored as the software is completely invisible.


This software is compatible with different types of Windows OS’s, including Windows 10, 200x, Windows 8, XP, Vista, 7, and NT. In addition, it is compatible with all macOS including the Mac OS X 10.6 version.

Pricing and Plans

The Basic Plan comes with a single license, and is used to manage one PC. You can store up to 500 screenshots with this plan. It costs $59.95 per year plus another $19.95 for each added license.

The Business 50 plan comes with 50 licenses that can be used to manage up to 50 licenses per year. You can store up to 500 screenshots, and the cost of this plan stands at $995 per year. Each license costs $19.90.

The Business 100 plan offers 100 licenses that gives one the ability to manage up to 100 PCs. This plan also allows for the storage of 1000 screenshots. It costs $1595 per year, at a $15.95 per license price.

Business 250 provides 250 licenses that allows for the management of 250PCs. 1000 screenshots can be stored using this plan, at a total cost of $2995 per year. Each license is priced at $11.98 for this plan.

Business 500 comes with 500 licenses that can be used to remotely monitor and control up to 500 PCs. Businesses can also store up to 2000 screenshots using this plan. The plan costs a total of $3995 per year, with each license going for $7.99.

Business 1000 has 1000 SentryPC licenses that can be used to manage up to 1000 PCs. This plan has the capacity of storing 2000 screenshots. The cost of this plan is $4995 per year, at a price of $4.99 per license.

What makes SentryPC Different to Other Employee Monitoring Software?

One thing that makes this software different from other employee monitoring software is the fact that you can monitor multiple computers at once on your online account. In addition, all activities are recorded in real time.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

SentryPC review

The layout of the website is simple, which makes navigation extremely easy. The main product details can be found on the homepage of the site, as well as the company’s main contact details.

Order and Payment

Order and payment are also done on the website. Once you pick your preferred plan, you can pay for it using any of the authorized methods available. You will receive a confirmation email containing your license key, and installation instructions.

Customer Service

There is a support center on the website where customers can find help on pressing product-related queries. In addition, there is an installation guide as well as a comprehensive ‘Contact Us’ page.

Online Support

Customers can use the company’s social media and Support page handles to communicate with the company online, and in real time.

Sentry PC review – Final Thoughts

Yes, SentryPC is a legitimate employee monitoring software that employers can use to track performance and productivity of employees.

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Should I Buy SentryPC?

Yes, indeed you should buy SentryPC if you are looking to ensure that you are getting the best value out of your employees. Hurry and buy now so that you can get to be a part of the ongoing promotion that is going up to 25% OFF with our special SentryPC coupon code below.

Best SentryPC Promo Code:

SentryPC coupon codeSentryPC – Parental Control & Employee Monitoring App
OS Support: Windows,  Mac OS
Price: from $19.95
SentryPC Coupon: Get 25% OFF on Business 100 Plan

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