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FamiSafe coupon codeFamiSafe – The Most Reliable Parental Control App
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $9.99
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FamiSafe Review – The Most Reliable Parental Control App

This article is an exhaustive review of the popular parental control app, FamiSafe. The article will explore what the app is, what it does, why customers need this product, as well as its key features that are most beneficial to the users. In addition, the article will cover how to install the app on one’s device, how it works, its detectability by the target device/user, its compatibility with other software, and the pricing plan structure.

This FamiSafe review will also inform the reader on what makes this particular software different from others in the market before providing a quick review of the company’s website for easier navigation.

What is FamiSafe?

Famisafe coupon codeFamiSafe is a legitimate, and highly reliable parental control app that helps users track the location of their loved ones, prevent the cyber bullying of those they care about, block apps that may be harmful to the target, filter the web content the user may be consuming, and control the amount of screen time the target has, amongst many other functions.

FamiSafe was designed in a bid to make parenting in this digital age more effective. With this app, parents are able to protect their children and other young people under their charge from all the nasty and dangerous nuances that the Internet and instant communication have to offer.

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Why We Need FamiSafe?

We need FamiSafe in order that we as parents can do a better job at protecting our children from the harmful elements of Internet and mobile technology use.

FamiSafe parental control kid tracker app will help you track your child’s location at all times, prevent them from getting addicted to their phones by controlling how much screen time they have, as well as keep them from getting distracted by their phones. Check this video for more information about FamiSafe:

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FamiSafe Key Features:

Famisafe is a powerful app that allows you to monitor and control your child’s digital activities from the convenience of your own cell phone. Here are some of the key features that make Famisafe a great choice for parents:

  • Cyber bullying Prevention

    The app will send you automatic alerts whenever a potential cyber bullying risk arises from your child’s use of the Internet and their mobile devices especially through the messaging platforms. You will also receive alerts every time your child gets/sends a text containing inappropriate content, threats, or harassment.

  • Location Tracker plus Geo-Fencing

    This Fami Safe parental control software allows you to keep track of your child at all times, wherever they are. Knowing where they are at all times is essential for all parents, and this feature can help you prevent your child from going into areas you deem dangerous.

  • The Geo-Fencing Feature

    Allows you to create a physical, geographical radius that ranges from 100m to 1000m. Any time your child steps out of this radius, you will automatically receive an alert, giving you time to take action and bring your child back to safety.

  • App monitoring

    This highly impressive feature allows you to block certain apps operating on your child’s phone at specific times. This ensures that your child does not develop an addiction to these apps, and allows them to do other essential things like sleep, and homework. The software will also provide you with a comprehensive list of all the apps that your child has used, and for how long each day. This will help you determine which apps are taking too much of your child’s time and need to be blocked, as well as the most opportune time to block them.

  • Monitoring of Web Content

    FamiSafe allows you to monitor the web content that your child is consuming every time they are on the Internet. If you do not like a particular site, the app allows you to block your child’s access to the site.

  • Control of Screen Time

    The app allows you to control how much screen time your child has on a daily basis, and at specific times of the day. This feature enables you to lock the screen of the device at certain times of the day, so that your child can do something important without the distraction of the phone.

  • Remote Control

    This phone monitoring app gives you the ability to monitor all the activities mentioned above on the target’s device remotely. This gives you flexibility, as well as saves you time and effort of having to physically handle your child’s phone in order to view their latest activities.

How to Install FamiSafe?

Before installation, you will need to register an account with the company. Next, you can install the app from Google Play, or the App Store on both your phone and your child’s phone. Now all you need to do is to log in to the app using your phone, connect your kid’s phone, personalize the app to suit your monitoring needs, and finally, commence the monitoring.

How FamiSafe Works

This parental controlling app works by giving you remote access to your child’s phone, allowing you to monitor all the activities that your child undertakes on their phone including the apps they use, where they are, and the content of their communication with others.

Famisafe FAQs:

  • Can I Install Famisafe Remotely?

Sorry, but you can’t install Famisafe remotely on your kid’s device. To get it up and running, you gotta download and install it directly on their device from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’ve installed it on their device and set up your account, you can start monitoring and managing their online behavior right from your own device. Just use the Famisafe app to access reports, set controls, and get alerts about what they’re doing on their device.

  • Is FamiSafe Detectable?

No, FamiSafe is not detectable by the target device or its user.

  • Is it Legal to use Famisafe?

Yes, it is legal to use Famisafe parental control app as long as you use it within the bounds of the law and with your child’s consent. Famisafe is designed to help parents monitor and manage their child’s online activity in a safe and responsible way. It is not intended to be used for spying or monitoring someone without their knowledge or consent.

  • Will Famisafe Work in my Country?

Famisafe parental control software should work in most countries, so you’re probably good to go. It works with both iOS and Android mobile devices, and you can grab it from the App Store or Google Play Store in a bunch of different places.


This kid tracker app is compatible with all iOS 9.x devices and above, as well as all Android 4.4 devices and above.

Pricing and Plans

This app uses a subscription model with 3 subscription plans. The monthly plan costs $9.99, the quarterly plan costs $19.99, while the yearly plan costs $59.99.

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FamiSafe coupon codeFamiSafe – The Most Reliable Parental Control App
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $9.99
FamiSafe Coupon Code: Not available at moment but get you can get 50% OFF on Annual Plan

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A Few Famisafe Reviews & Testimonials from Real Customers:

But don’t just take our word for it. Famisafe has received rave reviews from parents around the world. In fact, over 1 million parents have already downloaded and started using Famisafe to keep their children safe online.

Famisafe has been a game changer for our family. We feel much more in control of our child’s digital activities, and we love the peace of mind that comes with it.” – Jane S.

I’ve been using Famisafe for a few months now to monitor my children’s online activity and it has been a lifesaver. The app is easy to use and allows me to set screen time limits, block inappropriate websites, and track their location in real-time. The panic button feature is also a great addition for emergency situations. Overall, I highly recommend Famisafe for any parent looking to keep their kids safe online.” – Tony W.

Quick FamiSafe.com Reviews:

Website Layout

Famisafe review

The company website (https://famisafe.wondershare.com/) has a simple layout that makes navigation easy for everyone including new visitors to the site. The important links to essential pages of the site can be found at the header of the homepage. These links are to different pages that include features, demo, download, pricing, contact, login, and demo.

All of the background information you might require about the product including its most prominent features can be found on the homepage of the website.

The installation process is also well laid-out on the homepage, as well as real testimonials from customers that have used the app before.

Order and Payment

Order and payment are all done on the website. Select the price plan that is most appropriate for you. You will be redirected to the purchase page where you will be required to fill in your personal and payment details. You will also be prompted to select your preferred payment method from the various choices provided.

Authorize payment from the method selected. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive an email confirming your successful purchase as well as further download and install instructions.

Customer Service

The link to the website’s Support center can be found above the homepage header. Once you click on this link, you will find the FAQs section, as well as the Quick Access section.

Online Support

There is a Live Chat feature on the homepage of the website. You can use this feature to get real time assistance from the company.

FamiSafe Review – Is FamiSafe Legit?

Yes, FamiSafe is a legitimate parental control software that can be found in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Its presence in the stores means that you can install it with ease into the target device without the need of rooting or jail-breaking the device, which is a common element amongst other parental control software.

So why wait? Download Famisafe today and start taking control of your child’s digital activities. With Famisafe, you can rest easy knowing that your child is safe, protected, and empowered to make smart choices online.

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Should I Buy FamiSafe?

Yes, you should buy FamiSafe in order to keep your family safe from every possible threat to their privacy and security, online

Hurry and purchase now in order to take part in the ongoing promotion, where you can receive a discount of up to 50% OFF on annual plan with our FamiSafe coupon code below.

Best FamiSafe Promo Code:

FamiSafe coupon codeFamiSafe – The Most Reliable Parental Control App
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $9.99
FamiSafe Coupon Code: Not available at moment but get you can get 50% OFF on Annual Plan

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