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MoniMaster promo codeMoniMaster – Monitoring Software for Parent Control
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $29.95
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An In-depth Review of MoniMaster

The following article is a comprehensive review of the software, MoniMaster, a parental control software trusted by parents all over the world in ensuring the safety of their children. This MoniMaster review will break down what the software is and does, how it works, its compatibility with other major software, operating systems, and devices as well as a discussion on some of its most prominent features.

In addition, the review will provide a brief description of the company’s website where interested individuals can purchase the product. This description will cover the website layout, how to get assistance from the company in regards to the purchase and use of this product, as well as how to order and pay for the software on the website.

What is MoniMaster?

monimaster coupon codeMoniMaster is a parental control software that allows parents to remotely monitor and control what their children do on their mobile devices. With this capability, parents are not only able to keep their children safe from both online and offline threats, they are also able to prevent them from getting addicted to their phones.

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Why We Need MoniMaster?

Parents need MoniMaster in order to protect their children from any threats or risks they are exposed to every time they use their smartphones. These threats include being potential victims of cyberbullying, accessing or being exposed to pornographic material, being vulnerable to bad influence, paedophiles, kidnappers, and any other party that wishes to cause harm to a child.

MoniMaster helps you protect your children from all of the above unwanted elements by giving you the capability to remotely monitor, control and manage everything they are doing online.

In addition, with this software, you can monitor the time they spend playing games online using their devices in order to ensure that they do not get addicted to these games.

MoniMaster Key Features:

Some of the software’s key features include:

monimaster dashboard review

  • GPS Location and Finder

The software is able to give you the real time GPS location of your child’s device, which helps to know where they are at every moment of the day. The software will alert you every time that your child is in a location that you had previously indicated to the program was a no-go zone for your child.

  • App Activity Monitoring

The software allows you to monitor how often your child uses certain apps on their mobile device. You can use this information to block his/her access to apps that you consider addictive, and time wasting.

  • Keylogger Enabled

If you want to know what your child is typing using their mobile device, including the usernames and passwords to all of their online accounts, then this is the software for you. It comes with a keylogger feature that allows you to read all of the keystrokes that your child is making on their device.

  • Wi-Fi Logger

With this highly advanced feature, you can be able to tell where your child has been by accessing the list of all the Wi-Fi networks that their device has connected to. This information is provided to you in real time.

How To Install MoniMaster?

install monimaster app

  • MoniMaster for Android:

    If you wish to monitor Android devices, simply register an account with the company, and purchase a license. Once you do that, you will receive an email confirmation that will provide you with the download link as well as the installation instructions. Download the software using the link provided, and follow the on-screen instructions until the software is successfully installed in the target Android device.

  • MoniMaster for iOS:

    For iOS devices, set up an account, download the software on to your computer, select which way you would like to monitor the target device, and, finally, start monitoring the iOS device in question.

How MoniMaster Works:

MoniMaster promo code

This phone spying software works by collecting information on all the activities undertaken on a target’s mobile device, and providing this information to the user of the software in a simple, comprehensive format. The user can remotely monitor the target’s activities on the device without the latter ever being aware that their mobile device activities are being monitored.

Is MoniMaster detectable?

No, MoniMaster is not detectable by any existing software or app. It runs in the background of your child’s device, and will never pop up on their screen. They will also never receive an alert from the software, enabling you to monitor their activities on their phones without them ever knowing.


The MoniMaster Software is compatible with all Android devices, as well as iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Pricing and Plans

There are two plans for Android devices, namely, the basic plan that costs $29.95 per month, and the Family plan that costs $49.95 per month.

When it comes to iOS devices, a month’s license will cost you $29.95 while a three month license will cost you $59.95, and a one year license will cost you $99.95.

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MoniMaster promo codeMoniMaster – Monitoring Software for Parent Control
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $29.95
MoniMaster Coupon Code: 65% OFF on Yearly Plans

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What Makes MoniMaster Different to Other Parental Control Software?

With MoniMaster, you are guaranteed that of the security and the privacy of the data that you are monitoring. This means that hackers and other third parties including advertisers will never be able to get access to your child’s mobile device data and information.

In addition, unlike other parental control software in the market, MoniMaster allows you to monitor an unlimited number of apps on your child’s device.

You are also guaranteed of fast support, as well as a free trial version for iOS and a Live Demo for Android devices. Furthermore, the software comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Quick Reviews

The following are some reviews of the company website where one can purchase the MoniMaster software. This information will help visitors navigate the site better, and find what they are looking for much faster.

Website Layout review

The MoniMaster website layout ( is simple, which makes it easy to navigate even for inexperienced web users. All of the relevant links can be found on the homepage of the website, as well as pertinent information that a user might require before making a purchase.

Order and Payment

Order and payment can both be done on the website. To order for the software, simply register an account, and purchase a license using your preferred payment method. You will receive an email confirming your account details as well as the successful purchase, and further details on download and installation.

Customer Service

You can contact the customer service department via email 24/5 and they will be able to sort out any issues that you might be having with the software. You can find the email, telephone number, and physical address on the website’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

There is also a User guide as well as a ‘Support Center‘ page where you can find relevant information on the use of the software and troubleshooting common problems that users might experience.

Online Support

Customers can get in touch with the company’s customer care department directly through the company’s social media handles. You can find these handles well displayed on the homepage of the website.

Finally, Is MoniMaster Legit?

Yes, MoniMaster is a legitimate parental control software with highly advanced features that give you the capability to protect your children both online and offline.

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How to Buy MoniMaster?

Simply Click Here to visit the website (, select the product, and authorize payment for it using your preferred payment method. You will receive an email confirming your purchase as well as providing you with the download link. Order now to participate in the ongoing promotion where you can receive discounts of up to 65% OFF with our special MoniMaster coupon code below. Limited time only!

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MoniMaster promo codeMoniMaster – Monitoring Software for Parent Control
OS Support: Android, iOS
Price: from $29.95
MoniMaster Coupon Code: 65% OFF on Yearly Plans

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