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Children are more prone to dangers of texting, calling and browsing. If you want to have control and monitor these activities then you would need the help of this system. This keeps you from worrying about your child’s phone activities. It also allows you to know where they are exactly. With the increasing reports of stolen phones and tablets, you would need to keep your company data safe by having a mobile phone spy app. It allows you to remotely remove data and lock your phone. This is also needed for business to control and monitor the phone usage of their employees. This allows you to correct any inappropriate behavior and prevents low productivity.

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What is Phone Spy App (Tracking and Monitoring Software)?

Phone spy app is the application that is capable of monitoring all the activities of the targeted phone. It carries out it functions secretly so the owner of the phone doesn’t know that he is being monitored.

What Can Phone Spy Apps Do?

There are varieties of functions that are performed by the mobile phone spy app to keep in check the activities of the phone. The features may vary or overlap. Some features are also unique to one service provider but they are more or less same.

  • They provide details of calls and messages data with time and date along with web history
  • They also allow to make smartphone into a surveillance camera to hear and see what is happening in the surrounding
  • Some apps can also allow access to iMessages, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages and also other messengers

 Why Should You Need Mobile Phone Spy App?

The need of spying app may vary. Every person has different requirement; some want it to run their companies flawlessly and some want it for the security of their children. Employers buy these apps when they want to detect fraud in the company. In the company’s phones, they can install the app to monitor the activities of the employees. Parents use it when they want to keep an eye on their children. They want it to know where their children are, who they hang out with, what they do on internet etc.

How Does Phone Spy App Works?

The working of spy phone app is dependent on the producer mainly. However, most of the main software manufacturers follow the same procedure:

  1. The buying of the spy app (smartphone monitoring software) from the provider’s website. After buying the software the company will provide you with the log in details to the control panel.
  2. After the completion of the first step, you need the physical access to the phone. You can download the app from the given place and install the software in the targeted phone.
  3. After the installation, the spy app will start its functioning. The app will detect and monitor the activities of the targeted phone according to the package you have selected and then upload it in the company’s system. All the activities can be viewed online anytime by logging in to the control panel from anywhere.

What To Look For When Buying Spy App for Phones & Tablets?

Spy app is a tracking and monitoring software that comes with a variety of remarkable features which make mobile monitoring an easy job. It is the best application to check the activities of children, workforce or a spouse.

Spy app for mobile phone lets the user see every call, text or picture a mobile phone is used to execute; it even shares the browsing history and apps usage details of the monitored mobile device.

It supports all kinds of Android and iOS devices and takes a few minutes to install on the targeted mobile device. Once installed, the application works in stealth mode to monitor all the cell phone activities and shares it to the user’s online account.

Some of the key features of Spy phone app are as follows:

  • Remote monitor
  • Call recording
  • SMS logs
  • Phone logs
  • GPS logs
  • Integration with contacts
  • Remote Commands
  • Browser logs
  • System logs
  • Facebook logs
  • Skype logs
  • Whatsapp logs
  • Capability to track multiple phones
  • Anti theft
  • Record Surroundings
  • Contact logs
  • Block numbers facility
  • Block apps facility
  • Website block facility
  • Viber logs

Installation and Setup

The installation process of spy app is really simple and takes a few minutes to complete. To install spy software, download the software that corresponds to your device from their official website. Now install the app on the mobile device that needs to be monitored by opening the spy phone software installation wizard and make a new online account by providing the necessary details. A new screen will then open, where you need to add your phone name and save it to proceed to the next step. At the end, agree to the terms and conditions and log-in to your online account to monitor the smart phone you need to watch closely.

Ease of Use

Spy app is highly easy to use, it uses the internet connection of the monitored smartphone to send the data silently to the user’s online account, which is displayed to the user when he/she logs in to his account. Users can view the activities of the targeted mobile phone by clicking on the tiles just below their phone name. For example, to check the GPS location of the user of the targeted phone, just click on the tile by the name “GPS logs”. The page also shows the SMS and Phone statistics, which were texted to or called upon in the last week.

An Example of Spy App Dashboard.

Reporting & Logging

Spy app or cellphone spy software reports all kinds of activities of the targeted mobile device secretly to the online account of the user. It uses the internet connection of the monitored phone to send all this information, which user can monitor by logging into the server of spy phone app.

To log in to the online account, user needs to provide the email and password provided during the registering process. After logging in to the online account, a new page appears, where all the logs of the monitored phone are appearing. User can easily access these logs by clicking on the tiles with a monitored info name.


Currently, most of well-known spy apps supports Android and iOS; the phone spy app works seamlessly well with the latest version of Android and iOS. It supports all versions higher than 2.3 – Gingerbread for Android and 6.x or above for iOS.

Help & Support

Customer service of the selected app should be highly supportive because you never know when you may need help. Some of the producers offer support 24/7.

Best Spy Apps for Mobile Phone & Tablet:

On Internet, one may find many mobile phone spy apps but there are some that are better than all because of the services they provide. We have collected five top-rated spy phone apps, smartphone monitoring software and parental control software so you can directly go to them without doing your own research. Brief introduction of these apps is given below.

  1. ClevGuard

clevguard coupon codeClevGuard is the world’s leading, most powerful mobile phone tracking application that helps in tracking phone’s current location, phone call logs and text messages plus all social chat logs including Whatsapp, Skype, & Viber.

Are you tired of your employees making lame excuses on reaching late at office due to traffic? Or do you want to make sure that your kids are not into drugs? If so, then Clevguard is the solution to all of your problems.

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Clevguard Keys Features:

Clevguard offers great many features that can greatly help you in knowing the activities of the person. Once it is installed, it will start working immediately. The things that this spying software can do are:

  • Allows GPS tracking to tell the exact location of the person; you can track the location on Google map.
  • Provides the details of the every single contact present in the phone book.
  • Gives word for word log of every SMS received and sent.
  • Tells the time and duration of every incoming and outgoing call.
  • Even gives access to Whatsapp messages and iMessages.

Further, it gives remote control of the phone, provides e-mail, photos and BBM tracking and also gives internet usage history. With Spyzie, you just know everything.

Installation and Setup:

Installation and setup is easy for you will be guided by instructions once you log into your control panel. The process of installation takes only a couple of minutes. You will select the OS of the target mobile device and install the surveillance software. You will then dial the combination code from the setup wizard on the phone you want to track. The mobile device should be beside the mobile device to track during installation stage. Once settings are configured you can now view first logs and see all activities on the selected phone with your private Clevguard account.

Ease of Use

Clevguard is a must-have app in this era. It is quite easy to use. This parental control software is small in size and runs in the background without the target knowing it. Now you don’t need to fret about being lied to by your kids, or getting betrayed by your partner.

Help and Support

As previously mentioned, Clevguard has an amazing support team who are willing to guide you in maximizing the features of this modern application. You can contact them their support page. You will get your answers within 48 hours.

  1. iKeymonitor

ikeymonitor coupon codeiKeymonitor is simply an ultimate monitoring app which allows users to monitor their child’s smartphone or tablet in real time. It also allows you to control and monitor your employee’s smartphone or tablet. This software records and prevents any unwanted activities of your child or employee with the use of his phone & PC.

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Key Features:

iKeymonitor has an easy to navigate and manage interface. You need no technological skills to use it. It is very user-friendly. You can easily find its options and adjust setting. It is also packed with very useful features such as:

  • Call and Text Monitoring complete with phone number and time and date, duration for calls. It also allows you to record calls and view SMS.
  • Records and uploads videos, images and other multimedia files taken on the phone being tracked.
  • Complete with GPS location with real time tracking.
  • Remote control to lock or unlock phone and delete data remotely.
  • Allows Internet monitoring, view web browsing history.
  • Sends alerts for any unwanted activities on the phone.
  • Monitor contacts and calendar.
  • Filter unwanted applications.
  • Remotely backup data and restore them remotely.
  • Record emails sent and received on smartphones.
  • Set time restrictions for phone usage.

iKeymonitor works the way it is presented. All its features work well to ensure parental control and to control phone usage for employees. It is definitely a good purchase considering all features that come with this hybrid software.

Installation and Setup

Installing iKeymonitor is simple. It only takes a few minutes and you can now monitor your child or employee’s phone. After making your purchase, you will immediately receive an email which will give you a link where you can download your software. The email would also include instructions on how you will install the software so no need to worry. You would need to access the mobile device to track for at least 15 minutes. A tip in installation is to follow the guide in the email for your operating system as installation varies.

Ease of Use

This monitoring software is very to use as once installed on the target mobile phone or PC, you have nothing to do except checking the account to see what’s going on.

Help and Support

When you need help, you can get to them with ease. One way to get the help is by calling them at the number +1-844-207-5595;. You can also go to to get help.

  1. Spyera

Spyera coupon codeIf you are a worried parent and you want to know what your kids are doing and with whom they are being friends without invading their privacy and making them angry for that, Spyera can be the best option for you. It can be also helpful for employers who are suspecting their employees for any loss of their business. It can also help people to catch their cheater spouses.

>>> Click Here to Download Spyera Now!

Key Features:

With Spyera, you can monitor every moves of the person who is using the mobile. All his activities will be recorded and send in your account so that you can get all the updates in time. Spyera has advanced tracking features like tracking text messages, multimedia messages, call logs, viewing URL history, GPS locations, viewing emails, social networking activities, blocking applications, viewing the contact details and many more. You can even hear the surroundings of the user as an mp3 record. If you want, you can even lock or unlock the mobile and also view the screen of the mobile.

Installation and Setup

Installation and setup of Spyera is really an easy process. To get the service of Spyera, you have to buy the license firstly. You will get a step by step instruction after you have purchased the license. Then they have to download the application in the mobile which is to be monitored. Once the application is setup on the phone it will be undetectable and it will start recording all the activities of the mobile user silently. The application will send the reports of the activities regularly to your account which is the only way to get the details of the mobile’s activities.

Ease of Use

Using the Spyera spy app is real easy. The interface of the application is user-friendly and you can easily on or off any service you want to activate or deactivate.

Help and Support

Spyera has been appreciated by the users of Spyera for its remarkable features and easiest using methods. You can even get 24/7 customer support by the Mobile Spy team. You can seek their help at any time.

  1. uMobix

uMobix reviewuMobix is the company that provides the perfect monitoring software for parents and employers. The company offers an unique monitoring app that monitors all the details of the targeted phone and then uploads it online so you can see what’s really happening when you are not around.

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Key Features:

uMobix can do number of things that can turn out to be highly beneficial for you. The things it can do are:

  • Tracks texts messages even the ones that are old and deleted
  • Keeps check of the iMessages also gives access to the photos and videos made by the targeted phone
  • Provides email access, call log history, browser history
  • In every five minutes interval, it provides the GPS location
  • Tracks information related to the social media like Facebook, Skype, Twitter and others
  • Provides remote access to the phone and allows to uninstall any unwanted apps
  • Locks the phone remotely when it is lost
  • Captures pictures remotely with the targeted camera phone.

Installation and Setup

Installation and setup of uMobix is a few minutes job. It requires no detailed working but only the following of few steps to complete the job. Just from the “Buy Now” button, purchase the app and in the confirmation email get the download link, license key, username and password. With the given instructions, get the app and start spying.

Ease of Use

This parental monitoring app requires working from you for one time only. All you need to do is to install the app in the targeted device and rest of the job will be completed by the app. There’s no need to get to the device again and again.

Help and Support

You can get helpful information from its website FAQ Section and product user guide. But if you have any questions or concerns that are not answered by this section, you can always turn to their support team. You can contact them through email/tickets. You can expect a response within 24 hours.


All the spy phone apps offer almost same services but what’s matter is what they are claiming to provide is true. Safe your search and time and try the apps from our spy reviews. They are good and tested. They will give you mental peace as you can continue spying without interruption.