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Bitdefender coupon codeBitdefeder Antivirus & Security Software
Price: from $59.99
Bitdefender Box Coupon: Get 50% OFF on Bitfedender Antivirus

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An In-depth Review of Bitdefender Box 2:

We often hear about big company network breaches and hacking of sensitive user information. Most of them are related to large organizations that use IoT and keeps user data with less security. If you have a lot of smart devices and you really know about the security weakness about how easily you can get hacked with simple easy mistakes, the Bitdefender Box 2 is the ideal solution.

The device itself doesn’t look like much. But it’ll prove you wrong cause looks aren’t everything. It’ll keep tracking any security threats and keep an eye on all of your home smart devices. And it will pretty much protect you from a lot of security breaches and possible cyber-attacks. It even has a parental control that will let you keep curtains over harmful websites and other similar stuff. It can also be used as a lookout for your children to check if they’re doing anything harmful on the internet or being harassed on the internet. Here’s a full review on Bitdefender Box 2.

What is Bitdefender Box 2?

Bitdefender Box coupon code

It’s a Wi-Fi router aimed at anyone who wants preferred security over a traditional router. Box 2, despite being a second-generation item, is as yet an altogether new concept to a great many people. It keeps track of all the incoming and outgoing connections for detecting security threats. It protects pretty much all of your smart home appliances and smart devices. And you can track all of it through its companion app. Which makes it so much user friendly.

The Box is basically a supercharged switch that can supplant or run nearby your current systems administration unit It works like a firewall to the entirety of your associated gadgets. Also, the solid firewall assists with forestalling digital assaults on you. Your system is continually observed for security threatening devices or other suspicious activities on the web.

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What is Bitdefender Box 2 Used for?

It keeps up a serious edge with a brought together way to deal with security that lets you ensure PCs, mobile phones, and even IoT gadgets from inside a solitary application interface. The new one is intended to be the point of convergence of your protected home, guarding against assaults on your system. Even though it needs some complicated setup process, it’s only for one time. And once it’s done, the rewards are worth it. Check this video for more information on why you need Bitdefenfer Box 2 for your home.

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Who is Bitdefender Box 2 for?

It’s for any tech enthusiastic people who prefer good security. Other than the setup procedure, it’s easy as ordinary routers because it’s easy to understand. As well as acting live antivirus software running on your router, it squares hacking attempts, identity theft and will protect IoT devices that can’t run antivirus software or don’t automatically apply security updates. As far as hacking attempts, the Box will recognize and close down animal force attacks. It will warn you of any dubious behavior, as well as when another device connects to the network.

Bitdefender Box Key Features:

  • Managing All of Your Devices

Bitdefender BOX review install

The device and its app work alongside to protect all of your connected devices thoroughly. You can even add devices into logical gatherings and assign them profiles that determine their degree of protection, and potential restrictions.

In turn, that allows you to pause individual devices ad-hoc or based on a predefined plan. For example, you could enable access to the Internet on your family PC only during explicit times.

You can also get instant notifications of threats or other occasions as they happen and via the Bitdefender app.

  • Data Protection

By continuously scanning all data being transferred between the devices on your network and the Internet, Bitdefender gives anti-infection and anti-malware protection, phishing and fraud prevention, sensitive data protection, safe browsing capabilities, and significantly more.

  • Network Security

Bitdefender coupon codeBitdefender utilizes machine-learning algorithms and intrusion prevention frameworks (IPS) to distinguish anomalies and potential threats, and it squares them almost in real-time.

That enables Bitdefender to keep hackers from exploiting potential vulnerabilities in your network, and animal force attacks on your devices.

  • Privacy and Parental Controls

The content filtering features of Bitdefender Box make network intrusion prevention conceivable, however, they also enable advanced parental controls.

How Does Bitdefender Box Look?

It doesn’t really resemble a router at all. However, where the Sense wants to replace your existing router, the Box 2 wants to work alongside it. As routers go, the Box 2 looks good. Its three sides are bent and the two-tone black/white reflexive/matt finish ought to be stylish enough for the vast majority. A glowing circle on the front lets you know whether everything is alright or not, and that’s it as far as indicators go.

How to Setup and Install Bitdefender Box 2?

Bitdefender Box 2 review setup

Setup can be complicated. The snappy start control presents three unique options and it may not be clear which one you should use with your existing router or network kit. That goes in any event, for those who’d consider they know a thing or two about home networks.

The procedure starts by downloading Bitdefender Central’s app for iOS or Android. This is normally used to manage any existing Bitdefender installations you may have, yet the app also gives a Box activation wizard.

Setup starts by asking you to sign in to the Box network on your phone, then connect your device to the internet, typically by plugging it into your standard router with the cable gave.

The app offers a decision of networking modes. The box can adequately replace an ISP router, work with an existing personal router by enabling extension/AP mode, or be used as a standalone router. The last advance requires disabling your original remote network to guarantee any devices reconnect to the Box. The app includes instructions to work with several common router types, our UK IS’s model wasn’t on the list. This won’t be a major issue for experienced clients, as they ought to have the option to divert Wi-Fi off from their router settings page. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, or you’re uncertain how to do it, Bitdefender offers free installation assistance via telephone and email. Watch this video to know how to install Bitdenfeder Box 2 to secure your home Wi-Fi network & protect all your Internet connected devices you own.

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How Bitdefender Box Works

The Bitdefender Box is a multi-layered security solution that sits between your ISP router and your home network, scanning and filtering all traffic that enters your network. That enables the hardware appliance to give a continuous vulnerability assessment and to square threats, almost in real-time.

If the appliance distinguishes malicious activity or a threat, it can alert you via its Central app that is available for the two iOS and Android.

Technically, Bitdefender Box turns into your primary router, taking over the jobs of the DHCP server and Wi-Fi access point (AP) from your ISP modem. By becoming the primary router of your wired and Wi-Fi network, Bitdefender can give parental control, malware protection, and device management for all clients and devices in your family unit.

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Bitdefender coupon codeBitdefeder Antivirus & Security Software
Price: from $59.99
Bitdefender Box Coupon: Get 50% OFF on Bitfedender Antivirus

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How does Bitdefender BOX 2 protect my devices?

Bitdefender BOX scans all the traffic in the network for malicious activity and it utilizes different layers of security, for example, Exploit prevention, Brute force protection, and Anomaly Detection. Local protection will also be installed on your Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS devices to cover security at home or on the go.

Bitdefender Box 2 vs. Norton CORE vs. CUJO AI

Bitdefender BOX 2 – Router and firewall mixture device

Bitdefender BOX2 is a great router and firewall mixture device. It’s able to give secure networking, as well as, respectable WiFi experience, all packed in a beautiful and functional plan. It is easy to utilize and packs some interesting information, similar to display for time and status.

Norton Core a protected WiFi router

Norton Core is a bit progressively revolutionary. It has the same conception as Bitdefender BOX2. Be that as it may, the approach here is somewhat unique. It is using devices encloser configuration to furnish WIFI connection with most stability and speed as conceivable. If you want to upgrade your network’s remote connectivity – this item will work admirably.

CUJO AI a dedicated smart firewall

Because CUJO AI is not a router and only a dedicated firewall for your network, you will have the option to utilize your existing and adored router without any issues. CUJO AI will give a massive amount of effective security features, regardless of what networking gear you are using.

Bitdefender Box 2 FAQs:

Is the Bitdefender BOX available in my country?

Bitdefender BOX is at present available in the United States, Canada, Japan, and select markets in Europe (France, Germany, UK, Romania, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg).

Does Bitdefender BOX have Parental Control features?

Bitdefender BOX gives proficient and intuitive tools to manage daily internet time, set content channels by age categories, or pause internet access altogether for valuable family time. It offers the possibility of creating separate profiles for each individual from the family and on the off chance that you wish to control the time spent online by your youngster, you can easily do that from the Bitdefender Central app.

Parental Control in Bitdefender BOX distinguishes verbal attacks, inappropriate photo demands call for meetings outside the house, and dubious demands for private information.

How Much Does Bitdefender Box Cost?

The Bitdefender Box 2 expenses £179.99 from Bitdefender. In the US, it’s $179.99 from Amazon US. This price includes Bitdefender Total Security apps for all your devices, and after the principal year, there’s a $99/£89 annual subscription to pay. Check our Bitdefender Box coupon code to save some of your money.

Best Bitdefender Box 2 Coupon Code:

Bitdefender coupon codeBitdefeder Antivirus & Security Software
Price: from $59.99
Bitdefender Box Coupon: Get 50% OFF on Bitfedender Antivirus

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Bitdefender Box

Setup can be mind-boggling, but once it’s running this little box will guard you at home, and Bitdefender’s quality software protects you wherever else. Bitdefender duplicates down on guarding your network and IoT devices against attack with its second hardware offering, the Box 2. The latest version brings more force and more features, but at a more significant expense. But if you prefer tight security on your devices and other awesome features, then Bitdefender Box 2 is best for you and you shouldn’t think twice to get it! Please remember use our Bitdefender Box 2 coupon code to redeem at

Best Bitdefender Promo Code:

Bitdefender coupon codeBitdefeder Antivirus & Security Software
Price: from $59.99
Bitdefender Box Coupon: Get 50% OFF on Bitfedender Antivirus

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