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Ease of Use




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  • Simple to utilize
  • Downloadable work area application good with every working framework
  • The versatile application permits off-site workers to follow areas
  • Profitability reports mean representatives can self-right


  • Webcam highlight may appear to be intrusive
  • Costly for huge organizations

Time Doctor Review – The Smart Employee Tracking Software

Time Doctor is a worker monitoring arrangement with cutting edge time monitoring and participation highlights. It’s particularly fit for a group from 20 to 500 representatives. Discover not just when the group began and halted every day except what they did in the middle. It is an online arrangement that gives time monitoring, PC work meeting observing, updates, screen capture recording, invoicing, detailing apparatuses, combinations thus considerably more. It covers a few classifications of highlights, including time monitoring, ventures the executives, and worker checking. A fair cost and a pleasantly structured interface mean it’s a smart thought to put on your assessment list. It gives a point by point examination of where time is spent in the workday. See sites and applications visited when working and screen captures of the PC screen like clockwork while they work.

What is Time Doctor 2?

time doctor reviewTime Doctor 2 gives you nitty-gritty bits of knowledge into how you invest your energy with the goal that you know where your shortcomings are and can improve them. Chiefs will get a week after week report sketching out which sites and applications were utilized and to what extent. Singular clients will get a similar report laying out their own time use insights. This report boosts profitability monitoring and assists with recognizing efficiency issues.

Time Doctor won’t just track the all-out time worked by each individual in your group, however, it will likewise give a breakdown of how much time is spent on each undertaking, customer, or assignment. The time the monitoring information is precise to the second so you can see precisely where time is spent and you can likewise confirm where time is spent. You can utilize this information to charge customers or have an exact record for paying staff.

Your colleagues will complete much progressively every day, expanding profitability in your organization and drastically lessening sat around idly. Time Doctor easily coordinates with the absolute most famous administration platforms available today. These permit you to utilize Time Doctor to flawlessly follow time spent on undertakings and errands from those different platforms with a tick of a catch.

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What is Time Doctor used for?

People and groups who need to expand their efficiency, groups who have remote working colleagues, telecommuting and need to follow their time and groups working in an office.

Who is Time Doctor for?

Time Doctor is proposed to help associations with watching and track agents’ PC and web endeavors. It’s for association owners and office overseers who are stressed over their laborers. It is no matter how you look at it a single structure that can help you with watching tunes and logs of worker PC and movement task and researches information normally. It moreover allows supervisors to talk with them. The item stores Workers’ contact information so managers and business people can without quite a bit of a stretch interface with them when required.

Why We Should Choose Time Doctor?

Since organizations have their own business necessities, it is sensible they avoid purchasing a one-size-fits-all, perfect business program. In any case, it is about vain to pinpoint such applications even among looked for after programming arrangements. The consistent advance to attempt ought to be to set down the few significant capacities which merit investigation including significant highlights, valuing, specialized ability bent of the clients, business size, and so forth. After this, you should do the item inquire thoroughly. Such widely inclusive research ensures you avoid unfit applications and buy into the framework that has all the advantages you require business requires for ideal outcomes.

It’s critical to take note of that basically no product in the Time Tracking Software for employee classification is an ideal arrangement that can coordinate all the objectives of different organization types, sizes, and ventures. It might be a smart thought to peruse a couple of Time Doctor Time Tracking Software audits first as some product can perform well only in a tiny arrangement of uses or be structured in light of an extremely explicit industry. Others may work with a thought of being basic and natural and therefore need convoluted capacities wanted by increasingly experienced clients.

There are additional arrangements that attention on a wide gathering of clients and give an amazing element tool stash, however, this, as a rule, comes at a greater expense of such assistance. Be sure that you’re mindful of your prerequisites so you get the assistance that offers explicitly the components you scan for. All the explanation is the reason you ought to pick the Time Doctor.

Time Doctor Key Features:

Time Doctor 2 features

  • Dashboard

Time Doctor gives you access to two distinct dashboards. One is for monitoring your time, and the other is for review reports and financial data.

  • Time Tracking

The time monitoring Time Doctor is entirely direct – you pick/include an errand that you’re taking a shot at and click “Go” and the product will follow time that you spend taking a shot at this undertaking. In the event that you have to enjoy a reprieve or accomplish something that isn’t business-related simply click “Break“. Having an application that precisely screens the time spent on work helps drive effectiveness and efficiency. That is principally in light of the fact that the workers are given a device to deal with their own time all the more viably. The administration, then again, accesses a significant level of understanding into how the workforce is spending their work hours. Thusly, they can make a move that focuses on better outcomes, for example, an increasingly proficient errand portion.

  • Task Management

Make extends and allow them to your clients. You can likewise add changeless errands to your undertakings, so you can all the more effectively track the combined measure of time that numerous clients spend on one assignment.

  • Quiet and Interactive Version

Opportunity Doctor accompanies two forms: the quiet and intuitive. The quiet application is effectively monitoring PC action as long as it’s on. It runs totally out of sight that clients won’t have the option to cooperate or even observe it. This is perfect for organization claimed PCs that need to follow the action of their workers’ whole move.

The other variant, Interactive, is furnished with an interface that the client can use to turn the tracker on and off with only a press of a catch. It’ll follow similar data as the quiet application so the main contrast is they can show when to begin and quit monitoring. This is appropriate for telecommuters who introduced Time Doctor in their PCs.

  • Website page and application checking

Time Doctor screens applications and sites that you use during your work meeting and shows the warning “Are you chipping away at… ” in the event that it distinguishes unreasonable utilization of purported “guilty parties” like Facebook, YouTube, papers or individual perusing; if this movement is business related you can click “Yes” and it won’t bug you

  • Finance

Set up your finance with workers’ compensation rates and hourly cutoff points. Workers’ hours on the clock move over into your administrator record, and you can begin preparing finance. Toward the finish of each payroll interval, you get an email reminding you to audit finance. When you have checked everything, you simply need to click “Affirm” and afterward “Send.” Time Doctor permits you to utilize any installment technique to pay your workers, for example, PayPal, Payoneer, and TransferWise, among others.

  • Time Use Alerts

Time Doctor assists clients with being increasingly beneficial through updates. Intruding on the popup will appear if clients are investing an excessive amount of energy in non-business related applications or sites. It’ll additionally show up when they have been inert for a really long time. Another alarm shows up when the monitoring has been killed for some time and the client is as yet dynamic.

  • Reports and Analytics

There are various reports accessible for your thought, including those that examine representative timesheets, timetables, ventures, and poor time use. That last one is intriguing to me; it tracks representatives and breaks down their PC use. On the off chance that they go through over 10 minutes in a single day on non-business related locales, they could be in a difficult situation. As I talk about underneath, this report isn’t great.

In my testing, I had the option to deceive the product more than once. Time Doctor offers both Android and iOS applications, and you can get to GPS observing naturally on Android, yet to utilize this element on iOS, you’ll need an organization possessed gadget. On the off chance that you have an organization possessed gadget, you round out a structure, and Time Doctor will at that point empower this element on your telephone. Time Doctor needs geofencing, which is an element that would consequently check you in the event that you were inside a specific geographic border of your work area. Be that as it may, Time Doctor intends to include this element later on. On the off chance that that element is imperative to you, search for it in our Editors’ Choice victor, TSheets, just as Hubstaff and others.

  • Extensible Platform

Time Doctor can adjust to different business needs because of a scope of configurable choices accessible. Likewise, the arrangement works with driving undertaking the executives’ applications, for example, WorkflowMax, Teamwork, Podio, Trello, JIRA, Freshdesk, Asana, and Basecamp.

It can consistently coordinate with various CRM devices too including Zoho, Salesforce, and Zapier. Furthermore, in conclusion, Time Doctor has an API that permits different applications to associate straightforwardly with the product. It’ll empower clients to peruse nitty-gritty work information from their organization’s record.

How to Install Time Doctor?

Time doctor app installation

Sign in to your web account. In the upper menu, explore to your Downloads page. Select your working framework (we bolster Windows, OS X, and Linux) at that point click on the “Download App.” Save the establishment record on your PC and double-tap it when the download is done. For Linux: Please ensure that you “Permit executing record as a program” in Properties – > Permissions for the document.

How Does Time Doctor Work?

With Time Doctor, associations are ensured that delegate time is subsequently watched. It works setting the application to work without having to genuinely enter data. Also, the item can in like manner be checked upon to hand-off specialist time to use data to the executive’s or owner’s email each day. In any occasion, when they are away from their work regions, supervisors are up ’til now prepared to screen their agents’ exercises.

This time management app outfits them with a flexible adjustment of the application that tackles both Android and iOS gadgets. With this, they remain aware of their Workers’ doings while they are in a rush. It incorporates inconceivable PC utilize watching capacity. This segment engages managers to screen what their laborers are doing on their PCs. It reveals the destinations and works territory applications as frequently as conceivable visited by the agent during working hours. The component is imperative in revealing productive and insufficient agents.

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At present, Time Doctor maintained by the most notable platforms. Almost any PC with a web association can utilize Time Doctor as the undertaking administrator is accessible for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Time Doctor’s work area application is good with Mac OS 10.7+, most Linux OS variants, and all Windows PCs with Windows Vista or later. Time Doctor additionally has one variant of its product that works in Chromium OS. To get to your online dashboard, you should utilize the most recent form of one of these good programs: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

The supported platforms are:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Macintosh
  • Online

Time Doctor Pricing and Plans:

Valuing data for Time Doctor is provided by the product supplier or recovered from freely available evaluating materials. At the point when you make a record and welcome new clients, you’ll be provoked to download the work area application. On the off chance that you choose to move up to the paid rendition, you’ll discover it’s refreshingly straightforward: $9.99 per client every month. That is it. No different plans or levels, only for every client for each month number for the same number of clients as you’d like. Last cost arrangements to buy Time Doctor must be directed with the seller. Here’s a review of the evaluating for Time Doctor’s 3 plans:

  • Free Plan: incorporates errand and time monitoring on the work area customer.
  • Solo Plan: $5/month for a person
  • Standard Plan: $9.99/month per client.
  • Two free months when you pay for 10 months forthright.

Best Time Doctor Coupon Code:

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How much time will it take to use Time Doctor?

The underlying set up will take around 10 minutes for the administrator and 3-5 minutes for the clients of the product in addition to a couple of moments to watch preparing recordings. From that point onward, it takes next to no time every day (a couple of moments).

Can Time Doctor screen the sites that I or my group visit?

Truly. Time Doctor’s reports will give you itemized bits of knowledge into which sites are being utilized and for to what extent. You can get to these reports on the web, and can likewise get them week after week by email.

Can users record time while being offline?

Truly, Time Doctor tracks work in any event, when not associated with the Internet. The information will be transferred to the Internet when the Internet association is reestablished.

Are there any protection concerns?

For the intelligent rendition of the product, the product doesn’t screen anything on somebody’s PC when they’re on a break or when they’re not working. So even individuals telecommuting can be happy with realizing that they are not being observed during their own time. Our situation on protection is that an organization has the option to recognize what representatives are accomplishing during work hours, and have no privilege at all to comprehend what they’re doing during breaks or in the wake of working.

How might I use Time Doctor to guarantee that my group is working beneficially?

Time Doctor tracks the sites and applications utilized while individuals are working. Supervisors can get a report with this data. Chiefs can likewise get a report posting possibly “poor-time-use” sites, for example, Facebook, and to what extent they were utilized.

Time Doctor likewise gives different on the web and email reports to the board which gives extra data on how time is spent in your business.

This employee time tracking software can likewise take screen captures of your representatives’ PCs while they’re working. The way toward investigating this screen captures is amazingly speedy for an administration or HR individual. The product additionally tracks console and mouse movement so you’ll know whether individuals are utilizing their PCs when they state they are.

How would I use Time Doctor to perceive what my workers are doing?

You’ll perceive how time is being spent in your organization:

  • Screen captures (discretionary component) – You can set up Time Doctor to take screen captures of your workers’ PCs and a period interim of your decision.
  • Undertaking and Project Reports – These reports will give you which assignments and activities your kin have chipped away at, and to what extent. You can see these reports by signing into your Time Doctor account on the web, or you can get these reports by email.
  • Different Reports – Time Doctor has an assortment of helpful reports. One famous report is the “Sites and applications utilized” report – This report will give you to what extent your representatives spent utilizing which sites and applications while working. You can see this report online whenever or can decide to get this report week after week by email.

What Makes Time Doctor Different from Other Time Monitoring Applications?

There are a few reasons why Time Doctor is successful at the monitoring time precisely and different applications are definitely not:

Time Doctor reminds you to follow a time – Other applications don’t have updates, so clients frequently neglect to begin monitoring their time. Time Doctor likewise reminds clients to quit monitoring their time on the off chance that they visit the site that may not be business-related

Time Doctor tracks time in REAL TIME – After you’ve wrapped up, it’s hard to recall precisely how much time you spent on which undertakings. With Time Doctor, you don’t have to recollect that anything, in light of the fact that the time is followed as you’re working.

This time tracking application doesn’t permit you to “twofold book” your time – as it were the point at which you dispense time to 1-3 pm you can’t distribute a second action to that equivalent schedule opening. It appears to be unbelievable however most of the time monitoring applications permit clients to apply covering exercises to a similar schedule vacancy.

Time Doctor has various techniques to affirm if the time followed was genuine work – These strategies incorporate screen captures taken at normal interims, levels of console and mouse action, and which sites and applications are utilized.

Time Doctor naturally quits monitoring time when you leave the PC – If time monitoring doesn’t consequently stop when you go on a break, you’ll regularly overlook when your break started and your followed hours won’t be precise. Time Doctor quits monitoring work time when there’s been no console or mouse action for some time and can give clients the choice to show a short time later whether they were working during that time.

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A Few Time Doctor Reviews &Testimonials from Real Customers:

Here are some Time Doctor’s customer reviews from other sites:

Sam Harris – www.trustpilot.com says:

Good app and useful for time tracking. I used a few different apps and this was the best…

Rocky M. – a verified buyer says:

“It’s my first time to use this kind of time tracking app and I’m quite impressed!..”

Check this video for more real Time Doctor reviews & testimonials from employees:


Quick Timedoctor.com Reviews:

Website Layout

timedoctor.com reviews

Their official site (https://www.timedoctor.com) is most astounding which is likely it is a progressed and graphically spellbinding UI.

Other than an on an essential level obvious to see the course of action, Timedoctor.com contains clear, direct gauges, making the site a reasonable task to take a gander at.

Customer Care

They have really clear client support that can be reached by means of email. There’s no live visit alternative for pressing issues. Yet at the same time, their reactions are quick for your requirements. Their associations join viewing the data that claim extraordinary repayment for any episodes you have.

Order and Payment

You can pick the portion procedure on the thing’s association page. They recognize Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB. For the 14 days free preliminary, you won’t have to give any charge card subtleties anyplace. Round out the structures and include an installment strategy and you’ll be finished.

Time Doctor Review – Should I Buy Time Doctor Time Tracking Software?

Time Doctor is proposed to help associations with watching and track agents’ PC and web endeavors. It’s for association owners and office overseers who are stressed over their laborers. It is no matter how you look at it a single structure that can help you with watching tunes and logs of worker PC and movement task and researches information normally. It moreover allows supervisors to talk with them. The item stores Workers’ contact information so managers and business people can without quite a bit of a stretch interface with them when required.

You may call Time Doctor a jack of numerous exchanges as it covers a few classes of highlights, including time monitoring, venture the board, and representative observing. An OK cost and a pleasantly planned interface mean it’s a smart thought to put on your assessment list. It helps significantly decrease sat around idly and ensure everyone gets paid for the genuine work done. In case you’re similar to most online entrepreneurs and your normal worker is working 40 hours out of every week, in the event that they just waste 1 hour daily (which is probably going to be more as a general rule) it is 5 hours per week or 20 squandered hours a month. By method for differentiating, Time Doctor works admirably consolidating the fundamental parts of venture the executives programming with the most exceptional parts of time monitoring to give an upbeat center ground that numerous clients should cherish.

Currently, Time Doctor are available for sale. Please remember to check all the best free Time Doctor coupon codes, promo codes below:

Free Time Doctor Coupon Code:

How to Active Time Doctor Coupon Code?

In order to avail this discount, you just only need to enter Time Doctor promo code and choose your suitable subscription plans to get this time management software at a discounted rate.

(Time Doctor Review & Coupon)

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