5 Best Skype Spy Apps

You could see there are numerous Skype spy applications these days when you go to online. There are many advertisements about the spy software applications. The spy software is used to spy on the target mobile phone or computer to find their secret activities. It is designed to spy on mobile phone and computer to avoid misuse of the devices and gadgets. Actually the advanced technologies, the innovative applications on smart phones are not only fun but also trouble to many people. The usage of smart phones has been increased like never before as you can get basic smart phones for cheaper price. There are different brands of smart phones with varieties of facilities and features that differ from each other.

Social media messengers and instant message applications has reached millions of people and has gone out of control. There are applications like Viber, Skype, Whatsapp and hike that allow free calls, messages and file sharing. There are group chatting options and multiple groups can be created. To use all these services you just need reliable internet connection, no other charges will be deducted.

Why You Need Skype Spy App?

These kinds of advancements and innovations probably put some category of people into trouble. Anyway it is quite common in all sorts of innovations. Why does this causes trouble to some people and who are they actually? The answer is straight forwarded that the people who suffer the trouble are parents, employers, the well wishers and those who care their loved ones. The smart phone users are prone to many diversions like browsing porn, sharing sexual photos and videos, bullying the girls, and cheating the people in various forms using phone etc. You know the employees who use business computer or laptop misuse it to browse social media, private chatting, accessing personal mails and doing other things that are not connected to the business or office in anyway. The solution to all these problems is spy software. There are spy software applications as we discussed above to spy the whole device or the individual applications installed in the mobile phone or in the computer.

How To Spy on Skype Remotely on Phone And PC?

Best Skype Spy Apps

The Skype spy software’s usually works in way that it should be installed on the device which you would like to spy or monitor. The spy software is called monitor or track software applications as it monitors and tracks the activities of done using the device in which the software is installed. Once you install the software to spy on Skype the software starts working immediately and it will track all the Skype activities of the target person. The spy software will track the Skype chat and calls and provide you the log details of text chat, incoming and outgoing call with time information. Not only that the software also tracks the files sent and received, the photos and videos shared. Through the provided web panel you will be able to check all these details as it is reported every now and then.

The software you purchase to spy on Skype should support all the mentioned tracking features on the target cellphone. Actually some app supports all the features based on the device you use but there are top quality software applications that support all the tracing features on all devices. That is why such software stands on top. Here are the 5 best Skype spy apps monitor Skype chats on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and PC of your kids or employees online.

5 Best Skype Spy Apps Online:

1. mSpy

mSpy is without doubt one of the top tracking software. The mSpy software is developed by most experienced developers and their anticipation to satisfy the customers is really commendable. mSpy supports all the features to track complete activities of Skype.

mspy coupon codemSpy – The Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control

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mSpy develops a reliable parental control software for monitoring and protection.  It offers advanced surveillance tools which can deal with any potential threats generated by online exposure. mSpy parental control software with both mobile and computer internet activities. It operates in stealth mode as it keeps recording the logs of your kids’ computer or smartphone. mSpy allows you to keep informed with the activity data sent to your mSpy user account.

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2. iKeymonitor

The next best Skype spy software that tracks the Skype transactions remotely. iKeymonitor supports Skype message tracking service.

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iKeyMonitor is a monitoring application which allows monitoring of other devices. Even though it was developed for a universal target, it seems that corporate and parents are the ones who mostly gain the benefits form the features. iKeyMonitor offers standard monitoring features at a very competitive price. You can basically spy your kids or employees with iKeyMonitor.

3. Qustudio

The one of the first spy software that supports spy on Skype feature and it is most welcomed by many people due to this feature.

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OS Support: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows
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Qustodio app allows you to monitor all the internet activities of your kids. This parental control software offers you access to every information necessary for protecting your kids from general and specific internet violence, inappropriate content, being a target of online predators as well as prevent/overcome the gadget addiction. This way, you’re allowed improve the internet safety and productivity of your kids and the whole family. Qustodio adopts advanced features which can be fully used after you purchase the plans.


The spy software that is supported in Android, iOS, macOS and Windows platforms. You will be able to monitor Skype text chats and video and photos.

KidsGuard pro reviewsSpyera – The Best Mobile & Computer Monitoring App

OS Support: Android, iOS & Windows

Price: from $49/month

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SPYERA is the most advanced monitoring software designed to monitor activities of family members, employers or own smartphone on a regular basis in safe hands. It offers all the essential features like call interception, ambient listening, location tracking, email tracking, SMS monitoring and viewing internet messenger activity to provide the best possible spying solution to users.

5. uMobix

The spy software that stands best with top quality comparing to other software, supports all the monitoring features to monitor text chat, calls incoming and outgoing and the video and photo sharing activities.

The Important of Skype Spy Software

Skype is initially used in computer devices only, then the developers have made Skype access possible in mobile phones too. Skype app is now accessible in all mobile platforms. Nowadays, Skype has become a top ranked computer software or mobile app that allows instant messaging and free calls using which anybody can call from anywhere to any desired person who lives anywhere in the world. Skype stands as a one of the best service instant messaging and voice over internet call service. Skype is used personally and also commercially. The business people who have outbound and overseas call purposes use Skype to experience calls freely and also for cheap prices. Skype allows the users to create group and to have chatting and sharing facilities. Business organizations, freelancers and many other use Skype to have meetings and discussions and even tutorial sessions as the Skype allows both video and instant messaging chatting options.

Gaining the popularity among different kinds of people like other applications the popularity leads to many problems for the parents and the employers as the children in the family and the employees of the organization misuse the Skype on computers and mobile phones also. Hence the spy application is needed to spy on Skype. The instant messaging leads the teens to do continuous chatting using text and emoticons. This adds more fun to this generation and anyone who use Skype app on their mobile phone becomes addicted to it. Therefore the Skype spy software should be used to spy your children or the employee who waste their business or office time using Skype video and text chats.

Go to online and read all the user reviews about the Skype spy apps and opt for the software that gives high quality for lower price. There are many offers and be selective.

(5 Best Skype Spy Apps)

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