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Rexing USA Review – The #1 Best Dash Cams & Home Security Camera Systems Supplier

If you’re looking for the best Dash Cams, you’ve gone to the right spot. They can likewise provide essential evidence in case of an accident. Rexing’s Dash Cam is the best of it’s kind and it has everything and the sky is the limit from there. Here’s a full review on Rexing USA:

Who is Rexing USA?

rexing usa coupon codeThe Rexing USA is a renowned manufacturer of the best dashcams that impresses clients with its 1080p video quality and adhesive mount that shields the thing from shaking as they drive. It is littler than different dashcams, so it can easily hide behind the rearview mirror. Furthermore, they are very much laid out and simple to navigate the menu. You can easily tilt the focal point while keeping the device facing your windshield. The screen is nice and bright, albeit in the wake of using it a couple of times, you kind of overlook it’s there and it turns into not a problem. They are without uncertainty the best available in the market. Be that as it may, it’s bare-bones: Adding GPS, which is suggested.

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Why Should I Choose Rexing USA?

Besides being the best of its kind in the market, Rexing USA has a gigantic measure of features that make it significantly progressively ideal. it accompanies adequate link length to hide them in the interior. There’s a lot of choices with regards to selecting a dashcam. With an enormous number of models available, there are a few things to consider when deciding which is right for you.

The price will regularly be a deciding element, however, even a moderate dashcam must have the option to capture clear images in all conditions. The force link for the main unit and the one for the back camera is bounty long. Its catches illuminate when squeezed, yet except if you contact one, they’re invisible at night. You can modify the focal point in any direction by physically moving it, however, this is difficult when the unit is mounted on the windshield. There is more than one model to pick up from.

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4. Rexing V1P Pro

Rexing V1P Pro reviews

The Rexing V1P Pro is a feature-rich suite of devices to assist drivers with documenting their movements filled with many advanced features. They are:


  • Front and Rear Full HD

Front and back cameras each record Full HD 1080p video (1920×1080) at a casing pace of 30 edges for every second.

  • Wi-Fi Integration

This makes it easier than at any other time to share films from your trips with the world.

  • Capacitor Power

The utilization of a supercapacitor to deliver power provides a significant preferred position too long haul reliability over battery-worked dash cams.

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2. Rexing V3

Rexing V3 review

It’s one of the most affordable dashcams with the most advanced features. The features include:

  • Full HD

Front and in-lodge cameras each record Full HD 1080p video (1920×1080) at a packaging pace of 30 edges consistently.

170-degree ultra-wide focuses central focuses on the two cameras open up to catch clearing perspectives on their environmental factors.

  • GPS Logger

The inward GPS Logger licenses you to check the time, date, area, and speed data to all of your chronicles without the necessity for an alternate frivolity.

This gives you the alternative to see a couple of measurements that can wind up being profoundly useful in announcing a driving episode.

  • Wi-Fi Integration

Associating your phone or tablet to the Rexing V3 utilizing its implicit Wi-Fi work licenses you to view and extra chronicles to your gadget.

  • ADAS

ADAS is a condensing for the Advanced Driver Assistance System. Exactly when your vehicle starts to move out of its way or unreasonably close to the vehicle before you, V3 will sound a voice alert to alert you of the driving prosperity.

  • Capacitor Power

Force is delivered by a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery that features improved temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.


Cabin camera depicts night scenes with supreme clarity using an intelligent infrared night vision sensor.

3. Rexing M1

Rexing usa review m1

The M1 is a high-controlled camera offering a distinct double channel design. The features include:

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  • High Definition

Wide Dynamic Range innovation permits every camera to perform optimally in low-light situations via carefully fine-tuning the presentation.

140-degree ultra-wide-point focal points on the two cameras open up to capture sweeping views of their surroundings.

  • Contact Screen

Interact with the mirror camera by tapping the 10″ IPS contact screen display to bring up controls, trade camera views, and the sky is the limit from there.

  • Stream Media

The 10″ full touch screen provides a clear display of the activity that is behind your vehicle. The wider edge enables the driver to have fewer blind spots and everything that is inside of the vehicle will not obstruct the view in the mirror.

  • Secure, Reliable

They comprehend the importance of delivering a consistently reliable experience, which is why we guarantee a reliable and secure experience with the Loop Recording and Collision Detection features.

4. Rexing B1

Rexing B1 coupon

Rexing B1 is a reliable solution for trackers all over the place. Eminent features are:

  • Clarity

An opening of f/1.2 provides the ideal harmony between central clarity and light sensitivity. 7 unique 3W IR modes permit you to fine-tune the visibility of your subjects to address the issues of varying degrees of light. The CMOS image sensor depicts a reasonable picture up to 300m (984ft), even in the darkest conditions.

  • Tripod Mounting

The night vision goggle has a strung tripod mount. The base screw opening can be associated directly to the tripod.

  • Playback Anywhere

At 2.31″, the internal LCD screen provides a visually distinct digital reproduction of the camera view for your monitoring. The built-in Playback Mode even lets you review your captures using the device. At the point when you’re prepared, transferring over your media files is as simple as attaching the provided USB 2.0 connector from the B1 to your PC, or using a Micro SD memory card peruser.

  • Highly Portable

IP56 water resistance gives the B1 the ability to function in any climate condition, as it’s shielded from the impacts of water. Using 6x AA batteries, the camera can provide as long as 6 hours of video recording using IR lighting, and as long as 17 hours of utilization when out of IR mode.

  • Track From AFAR

Track your subjects from any vantage point. Optical zoom up to 10x and digital zoom up to 4x magnification permits you to spot subjects from an incredible distance.

5. Rexing H2

Rexing H2 review

Rexing H2 is a reliable solution for trackers all over the place. Advanced features include:

  • 4K Resolution

Rexing H2 records in multiple modes: 4K/10 casings, 2.7K/20 edges, 1080p/25 edges, 720p/30 edges for each second. Select a photograph resolution of 20MP/16/12/8/5/3 megapixel photographs (8 million CMOS).

  • Advanced Night Vision

2 Infrared light 850nm high force every, night vision distance 20 meters.

The Infrared light 850nm high force every, night vision distance 20 meters.

The Infrared Night Vision LED flash is silent. Subjects up to 65 feet (20 meters) are captured regardless of the light conditions.

  • Instant Capture

PIR side sensors prime the H2 to capture subjects as quickly as 0.2 seconds after sensing motion within its 105° edge of detection.

6. Rexing P1

Rexing P1 sale

It’s a convenient camera which you can bring anyplace. Features include:

  • 170° Ultra Wide Angle

With the 170° ultra-wide-point, it can capture considerably more information for the critical scene close by.

  • IR Night Vision

Rexing Body-worn camera equipped with 6 infrared lights, captures clear film up to 50 feet away in pitch-dark haziness.

  • Huge Storage

With the built-in 64GB storage there will be a lot of room to store all video captured all through your upcoming working days. Rexing P1 provides continuous recording of the film without any worries. All recording, pictures, audios can be easily playback via a built-in 2″ LCD monitor.

  • Wellbeing

The camera has secret word protection to forestall unauthorized changes on the menu. You can set a secret key for the camera to avoid every recorded file being taken or erased.

  • Waterproof and Shockproof

Rexing body camera with IP67 waterproof rating and solid shockproof materials offers magnificent water and stun resistance which is ideal for security monitor, the police officer, and bouncer for indoor and hardcore outside use. The camera is very tough and solid, equipped for withstanding the harshest climate and working conditions.

A Few Rexing USA Reviews &Testimonials from Real Customers:

Here are some RexingUSA’s customer reviews from other sites:

Austin Reid – a verified buyer from says:

A fantastic product. Saved me from a civil suit last week when some **** ran a red light and tried to blame it on me. The V1 dashcam functioned as advertised and I am physically fine and mentally stress free. I highly recommend this product

Nikky – a verified buyer says:

“I am happy to own one the very first day someone back into my car and it was able to see it!…”


Site Layout reviews

The official site of RexingUSA ( is unquestionably amazing with it’s an advanced and graphically intriguing UI.

It’s beguiling to the point that the The site structure is intriguing in the separation definition. This makes the whole site have all the stores of being so astounding which gets in contact in a pack.

Shopping Processing

The shopping process is focal and direct. You need to pick your item from the site first and add it to your cart. By then fill the form with your name address with other information. By then pick the transport procedure. In conclusion, guarantee you’re requesting by picking your installment technique. After the work is done, you’re all set.

Order and Payment

You can pick the installment system on the official page of the Rexingusa. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB. They similarly perceive PayPal. Payment by credit, charge card, or PayPal gives the quickest order dealing with.

Customer Services

You can expect to have it straight down concerning their client care and direct as can be they do. Complete the structure from the site including your email, phone number, and concerns. They’ll hit you up when they can. They’ve focused on client care and correspondence that is accessible to their clients.

Rexing USA Review – Bottom Line

The Rexing USA are skillful. The organization ensured that you comprehend that it provides something that can be hard to come by with some dash cameras: technical help. You shouldn’t give a second thought about buying their products. While this is a solid item that takes great video for not a ton of money, the cameras are average and a superior arrangement generally speaking. Also, there’s a special RexingUSA promotion running. Grab the deal ASAP!

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How to Active Rexing USA Coupon Code?

In order to avail this discount, you just only need to click on Rexing USA promo code to get those dashing cams at a discounted rate.

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