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Spyrix coupon codeSpyrix – Top Parental & Employee Monitoring Software
OS Support: Android, iOS, Mac & Windows
Price: from $59
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How to Active a Spyrix Coupon Code?

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An In-depth Review of Spyrix Software

With the need of monitoring software, many companies have introduced their phone and computer spying solutions. More and more people want to get aware of what is happening behind their back; especially what their employees and children are up to when they are not around. One such renowned name of the monitoring solution in the internet market today is Spyrix. In this Spyrix Review, you will learn more about them.

What is Spyrix?

Spyrix coupon codeFounded in 2009, Spyrix is a U.S. based company that develops and distributes PC and internet monitoring solution for personal use and big and small organizations. From school to corporations, this company has numbers of products that suit everyone’s needs.

Visit Site: www.spyrix.com

Why Should We Choose Spyrix?

There are many reasons to go for Spyrix.com. You cannot find an effective monitoring solution like theirs. Here is why you choose Spyrix over others:

  • A Renowned Name: Spyrix has been producing its spying solutions since 2009; they are in the market for 10 years approx. which makes them pro.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: They know that you will get satisfied with their product; thus, they allow you to take all your money back if you find any flaw in their monitoring. Trusting them is risk-free completely.
  • From Miniature to Complete Monitoring: Spyrix offers various spying solutions that could be selected according to personal needs; the software programs are available for big enterprises as well.
  • Amazing Support: You can reach them in various ways and get the answers to your queries. Their support team is well-trained and provides complete help at the hour of need.

What are They Selling at Spyrix?

Spyrix is the home to many monitoring solutions. They offer spying products for Mac, Windows, Android OS, and iOS.  From personal use to a big organization, they have products monitoring agents for all.

Best-Selling Products at Spyrix.com:

Following are the best-selling products at Spyrix.com. Every product has its own uniqueness and quality. Have a look to see their details:

  1. Spyrix Personal Monitor

spyrix personal monitor coupon

Spyrix Personal Monitor is the specifically designed software for the monitoring of PC related activities of children and employees. All the monitored data are available remotely. It collects passwords, screenshots, chats, emails, etc.

Key Features:

The key features of Spyrix Personal Monitor are as follow:

  • Remote monitoring via secure web account
  • Live viewing of the screen
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Makes snapshots from user web camera
  • Microphone voice surveillance

How Spyrix Personal Monitor Works

It is a multi-functional program. It works by the following ways:

  • Download Spyrix Agent
  • Install it on the targeted computer
  • Select the method that you like for receiving logs
  • And start monitoring

Check this video to know how to install Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO:



It is compatible with Win 10, Win 8, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista x64, and WinXP.

Free Spyrix Personal Monitor Coupon Code:

Spyrix coupon codeSpyrix Personal Monitor PRO

OS Support: Windows
Price: from $69
Spyrix Coupon Code: 50% OFF on your order

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  1. Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Spyrix Employee Monitoring discount

As the name indicates, it is the Spyrix Monitoring software that allows employee monitoring in real time. The detectable data could be seen on any device as it is cloud-based. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require IT department or server.

Key Features:

The key features of the Spyrix Employee Monitoring are as follow:

  • Time control plus productivity evaluation system
  • Recording features include a recording of LinkedIn, Skype, IM, Websites, etc.
  • Stealth features
  • Remote control features
  • Alert and control options

How Sprix Employee Monitoring Works:

You can see the employees’ activities through this software by the following means:

  • Download Spyrix Agent
  • Install it on the employee’s computer
  • Select the appropriate method to see and receive logs
  • Initiate employee monitoring


It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Best Spyrix Employee Monitoring Coupon Code:

Spyrix coupon codeSpyrix Employee Monitoring

OS Support: Windows
Price: from $149
Spyrix Coupon Code: 50% OFF on your order

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  1. Spyrix Keylogger

Spyrix Keylogger promo code

As the name suggests, it is the keylogger produced by Spyrix. It sends reports to email, Google Drive, and Dropbox and records the activity of Facebook, Skype, Emails, Chats, Google+, MySpace, Web surfing and different search engines.

Key Features:

The key features of Spyrix Keylogger are as follow:

  • Remote monitoring via secure web account
  • 20+ popular IM messengers activity
  • URL monitoring
  • Blocking sites
  • Alert Keywords

How Spyrix Keylogger Works

Spyrix Keylogger works in the following ways:

  • Download Spyrix Keylogger
  • Install it on the desired computer
  • Select the data receiving method
  • Start recording


Spyrix Keylogger is compatible with the following versions of Windows OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Free Spyrix Keylogger Coupon Code:

Spyrix coupon codeSpyrix Keylogger

OS Support: Windows, iOS
Price: from $149
Spyrix Coupon Code: 50% OFF on your order

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How to Install Spyrix App?

Spyrix Apps are not available for Windows only but also for Mac OS, Android, and iOS. To install the app, you need to download the installation file and run it on your selected OS. The installation is very easy and logs are available immediately after the installation.

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Is Spyrix Detectable?

All the Spyrix applications are 100% invisible. They silently run in the background so the user could not know that they are being monitored. Spyrix is undetectable by any means. Even when the person is a computer geek, he couldn’t tell that anything is installed on the computer for monitoring.

Pricing & Plans

Spyrix applications have different prices and plans.

  • The Spyrix Personal Monitor is available at $85 for 5 PC and $59 for 1 PC
  • Spyrix Employee Monitor is presented at $429 for 20 PC and $149 for 5 PC.
  • The Spyrix Personal Monitor Pro has the price tag of $69 for 3 PC and $159 for 10 PC

Latest Spyrix Discount Coupon:

Spyrix coupon codeSpyrix – Top Parental & Employee Monitoring Software
OS Support: Android, iOS, Mac & Windows
Price: from $59
Spyrix Coupon Code: 50% OFF on your order

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What Makes Spyrix Different to Other Monitoring Software?

Spyrix price and its features make it stands out from others. All of its monitoring solutions are complete and don’t have any flaws.

Quick Spyrix.com Reviews:

Here are quick Spyrix.com reviews:

Website Layout

spyrix review

The website spyrix.com is pretty simple. The menu bar consists of the following options: home, products, pricing, download, for Business, for Android/iOS, for Mac, support, and company. All of their products are also available on their homepage; you can directly download the software from the home page.

Shopping Processing

Shopping processing at Spyrix.com is same as any other website. Go to the Product option in the menu bar, or click on the Buy Now button on the monitoring solution present on the home page to initiate shopping. On the next page, select the quantity, add your billing information, then select the billing option and click Place Order to get your product electronically.

Order & Payment

There are many ways to pay for your order at Spyrix. Several delivery options are available including PayPal, Credit Card, Bank (Wire) Transfer. Other than that, phone, fax, mail/check, and corporate orders are also acceptable. The credit cards of the following companies are accepted: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, JCB, Maestro, and others.

Customer Service

If you have any query about Spyrix related product then you can easily contact their customer service agent. They have separate International and National hotline. International customers can call them at +31 88 000 0008, and USA/Canada can call them at +1 (650) 963-5701. Their support team is available is 24/7.

Online Support

Online support is also available at Spyrix.com. On their website, you can contact their staff by direct one-on-one chat. They have a dedicated Support page as well. Anyone can submit a ticket and get the answer to their question. You can also search for your query in their knowledge base.

Bottom Line – Is Spyrix Legit?

Spyrix offers many employee and child monitoring solutions that are trusted by thousands of people around the globe. All of their software programs are highly usable for the people who are worried about their work and home. These software programs are trustworthy and available at a very reasonable price. You can go for Spyrix right away without having any questions in mind.

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How to Order Spyrix Software?

When you want to order at Spyrix, you can take advantage of our Spyrix promo codes and get great off on their products. Now avail the discount of up to 50% on different monitoring solutions at Spyrix.com when you buy from them with us.

Best Spyrix Promo Code:

Spyrix coupon codeSpyrix – Top Parental & Employee Monitoring Software
OS Support: Android, iOS, Mac & Windows
Price: from $59
Spyrix Coupon Code: 50% OFF on your order

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