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Present-day kids have never known when they couldn’t associate with the whole world through the internet. Actually, they probably invest more energy online than any other person – absolutely more than their folks. On the off chance that you are a parent, this presents a problem, as there are explicit, disturbing, and unlawful websites and apps that you don’t need your children to experience. Parental control administrations can assist you in dealing with the ever-expanding number of devices that your children use. Before you begin forcing limits and limitations, however, set aside some effort to figure out how your associated kid uses the innovation. What’s more, StealthX Pro is the best thing you’ll actually need to do that. StealthX Pro fundamental on the off chance that you need to monitor what your children are doing on the internet. Here’s a full review on StealthX Pro:

StealthX Pro Review – World’s #1 Phone Monitoring Software

What is StealthX Pro?


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In simple terms, the StealthX Pro is a mobile monitoring application. It offers pure peace of mind, like they say, knowledge is power. It enables the tracking of location, SMS/MMS, emails, photos, call as well as browser history, messaging apps monitoring and more.

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What is StealthX Pro used for?

This StealthX Pro smartphone monitoring software use applies to parents, employers, and individuals you would basically have reason to keep a track of for one reason or another. Parents can use the app to keep their kids safe online, while employers can use it to make sure their employees are not misusing company resources such as mobile devices, and Internet.

Why Should We Choose StealthX Pro?

In this day and age where our children are on their phones most of their time, as parents, it is important to keep a track of websites they visit, their friends online, and generally what they are talking about. We would like to trust them but their other elements (individuals) online that might wish to take advantage of them. This is why StealthX Pro is the answer to these concerns. As parents we can track our children use of their phones remotely and know where they are in real-time. The application is affordable given what it offers, it has a super track record with other parents who have used it thus is trustworthy and the peace of mind this information offers is priceless. Check this video for more information about StealthX Pro dashboard and key features:

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StealthX Pro Key Features:

  • Messaging Monitor

As children get more seasoned, content sifting may begin to appear to be inconsequential. Eventually, you begin to stress more over their cooperation with the more extensive world. Albeit some supervision is acceptable, you actually need to regard your youngster’s essential right to security and empower open discussion, instead of using parental control programming as spyware. The management of instant messages is obliged to Android devices. You can monitor any SMS message, for instance, “customary” instant messages, that your kids get – including examining message content. You can square messages to or from the device for any current contact, and you can coordinate how new contacts will be dealt with.

  • App Management

StealthX Pro divvies up applications into three separate classes, social, video, and apps, which can all be hindered or allowed using StealthX Pro on your youngster’s phone.

The ability to hinder apps requires matching up your youngster’s device, which at that point distantly controls the phone. This is a remarkable and quite a convenient element. The Block Apps area lists numerous famous apps you can decide to permit or square. You can likewise look for and include apps your own. StealthX Pro permits you to look through Google Play Store for apps to hinder, which is useful. You’ll see one incredible element under the Advanced Settings menu: You can switch to an Approved Apps Only setting to obstruct everything other than those apps you’ve explicitly approved.

  • Location Tracking

StealthXPro review location

StealthX Pro provides essential location tracking. Most will need to download supervise because it provides great application monitoring and control capabilities. Location tracking gives you the current location of your child’s device. You can check a youngsters’ previous Locations by tapping on the timestamps that appear on the guide for the current day. For earlier days, click on the Select a Date Location and demonstrate a date and a time slot that you should see. However, typically, parental control apps provide location monitoring without experiencing an additional, somewhat lumbering process.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Watch out for more than 10 well-realized Android informing applications, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Tinder, and some more. It likewise continues perusing history for you to check.

  • Media Monitoring

The app will let you keep an eye on the photos and recordings that are downloaded by your youngsters. View and download all photos or recordings taken by the monitored device, just as any downloaded or got.

How to Install StealthX Pro?

This is a step by step process of how to install StealthX Pro on Android phone:

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  • Enable Unknown Sources

    • Go to Settings.
    • Scroll to Security.
    • Check Unknown Sources.
    • Tap OK.
    • Back to home screen.
  • Download StealthX Pro

    • Open the web browser.
    • Visit url:
    • Tap the Install button.
    • Tap the Android image.
    • Tap OK if prompted.
    • Download will begin.
  • Installing StealthX Pro

    • Tap Open.
    • Tap Next.
    • Tap Install.
    • Tap Open.
  • License agreement

    • Tap Continue
    • Agree with terms.
    • Tap Accept.
  • Configuration

    • Check Device Admin.
    • Tap Screen Capture Permission.
    • Tap don’t show again.
    • Tap START NOW.
    • Tap Disable Play Protect.
    • Tap Scan device for security threats.
    • Tap OK.
    • Tap Android in circle (icon) to go back.
    • Check Whitelist from Battery Optimization.
    • Tap on Yes.
    • Tap on Capture WhatsApp/Social Messages.
    • Tap on System Service.
    • Tap switch to turn ON.
    • Tap OK.
    • Tap Android in Circle (icon) to go back.
    • Tap Application Usage.
    • Tap System Service.
    • Tap Allow Usage Tracking.
    • Tap Android in Circle (icon) to go back.
    • Tap Continue.
    • Tap I’m new user.
    • Type in your valid email.
    • Enter a password and confirm it.
    • Tap Register.
    • Tap Continue.
    • Wait for Registration to complete.
    • Tap OK.
    • Open the web browser again (the same one).
    • Open the menu for the browser.
    • Tap on Downloads.
    • Long press Jamo.apk
    • Tap on Trashcan icon to delete.
    • Close the downloads menu.
    • Open the menu for the browser (again).
    • Tap on History.
    • Find and tap the trashcan icon (next to it).

Installation at this point is complete. One may check their email and start monitoring.

How Does StealthX Pro Work?

After the purchase of the StealthX Pro, an email will be sent with a registration code following completion of the order. In addition, one also receives the license code as well as password to your personal StealthX Pro account. The next step is the installation of the StealthX Pro spying app. At this point, the StealthX Pro begins to monitor the intended device even when that device has been switched off. The monitoring will be of incoming and outgoing communication be it SMS/MMS, different messaging apps, emails, web browser activity, location tracking (GPS) and much more. Please watch this video on how StealthX Pro works in real life:

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StealthX Pro FAQs:

  • Can I install StealthX Pro client remotely?

No, application of the StealthX Pro remotely is impossible. You must have physical possession of the phone to be able to install the application.

  • How many phones or tablets can I monitor in my StealthX Pro account?

One can monitor a number of devices on the same account but when it comes to renewal of the subscription, they have to be done separately, they cannot be done at a go.

  • How do I see the SMS information on StealthX Pro dashboard?

User authentication must be completed by the system in order for the user to be able to access SMS information as well as other messages including GPS locations, call details and so on. But this is for the first logs of capture at, once this is complete then the rest of the information is relayed in real-time.

  • Why does the target Android phone needs internet?

The target device will initially require internet access in order to download the StealthX Pro phone monitoring app. Also, StealthX Pro is a web-based application meaning it collects data continuously as and when it connects with the internet. Therefore, the target phone needs to have internet access in order to have the application working to capture information and send to your control panel for review.

  • How to Uninstall StealthX Pro?

When you want to uninstall StealthX Pro from your computer, there are two ways you can do this. Open ‘Settings’, after this, tap on ‘Security’. On the next page, tap on ‘Administrators’ and uncheck ‘System Service’. A pop-up will appear, on this pop-up page click on ‘Deactivate’. After that, confirm by tapping on ‘OK’. At this point go back to ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘Applications’. On the next page, you’ll be taken to tap on ‘Applications Manager’. On this page, look for ‘Systems Service’ and then uninstall.

  • Is StealthX Pro compatible with my computer?

StealthX Pro can be used with both desktop as well as laptop. The application is compatible with Windows 10 through to 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000. The application can also monitor the computer that your child uses.

  • Will StealthX Pro can use in my country?

StealthX Pro is a mobile monitoring application. Over and above this is that it is more of a web-based software, thus its restrictions when it comes to different countries do not really arise. This is for the simple fact that for the monitoring application to work it needs internet connectivity, therefore if a country does not have internet connectivity then that is the only instance that the StealthX Pro for Android software cannot work.

StealthX Pro Pricing & Plans

The full plan for the StealthX Pro application has more than 50 features on it. In essence, there are two different types of plans, one that has all the features and the other which does not offer the full package. There is the monthly Premium Plan. This one does not come with all the StealthX Pro features and costs $29.99 per month. The second plan is the Extreme Plan that has all the StealthX Pro features. This one comes in three different forms, the monthly plan that is billed at $69.99 per given month. The next Extreme Plan is billed quarterly at $39.99 per month. Finally, there is the Extreme Plan billed annually and that is charged at $16.66 per month. Please don’t forget to check our special StealthX Pro promo codes below to get discount at

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The StealthX Pro software is compatible with Android phone & tablet devices running on operating system 4.0 or higher. The device being monitored must be connected to the internet and finally, at the point of setting it up you must be in physical possession of the phone or tablet.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

StealthX Pro Review

The website layout( is pretty much straight forward. The header section of the site has the main links that will direct one to different sections of the site, from, Install, Features, ‘How It Works’, Purchase, Support, Demo, right through to ‘Sign In’ and ‘Try It Free’ tabs. Still on the home page but as you scroll down, you will find general outline of the product, why it is the best, a list of some of its key features, reviews from people who have used the software and right at the footer section of the website there are more quick links under websites’ sitemap. These links lead to every section of the website.

Shopping Processing

From the header and footer sections of the website there is the ‘Purchase’ link. This link shall redirect you to the page that you can choose the plan that you want, be it the monthly one, quarterly or annual one. When you tap on ‘Buy Now’, you shall be prompted to enter your email address. If you do have an account with StealthX Pro, you shall be prompted to continue. If you do not have an account, there is an option to create one and thus proceed with the purchasing process.

Order & Payment

Both these actions are done on the StealthX Pro site. Tap on the ‘Buy Now’ tab, enter your email address to gain access to your account or create one if you are a new user. Choose which plan you would like to renew or purchase. You shall continue being prompted until the payment section. All this after you have logged in to your account if you do have one or create one if otherwise. Once you checkout, you will be required to enter your personal and payment details, as well as authorize payment for your plan from your preferred payment method.

Under the ‘User Details‘ you can find the ‘Renew‘ link or select ‘Subscription’ tab to activate your account. Select one of the listed subscription plans. At this point the site will open PayPal site, from where you can make payment. StealthX Pro accepts payment via PayPal or through the use of a debit or credit card. If you are eligible for the discount code, include it in at this point. Should you find a problem at this stage, send StealthXPro a message through its ‘Contact Us’ page and they shall finalize the process for you and send you a Google invoice. If the payment process on the other hand goes through smoothly, you will receive an email confirming your purchase, and providing you with further instructions on how to download and install or renew the software on the target device.

Customer Service

The footer section of the website has a link to FAQs, here, maybe some of the queries that you might have could have been addressed. If not, there is a ‘Contact Us’ page where the site has the option of sending customer care a written message or alternatively chat with a representative from StealthX Pro and have any of your questions answered.

StealthX Pro Review – Final Thoughts

Is it legal to use StealthX Pro?

When it comes to the use of StealthX Pro as a parental monitoring tool, yes, it is legal. In addition, if you as an individual have proper authorization to monitor a given device then its use comes with no adverse consequences. In general, the use of the StealthX Pro application comes with some personal, moral obligation for an individual to weigh and apply what extent or level of intrusion they would want to be notified of by the application.

Is StealthX Pro Legit? and Shoud I Buy StealthX Pro?

StealthX Pro is legitimate software and yes you should buy it. Avoid that feeling of helplessness especially when it comes to your child and their online activities. When it comes to employees, keep tabs on their activities while at work making sure that they are actually doing what they were hired to do. Ensure yourself that peace of mind with the StealthX Pro application.

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Time Doctor coupon codeStealthX Pro – World’s #1 Phone Monitoring Software
OS Support:  Android.
Price: from $29.99/month
StealthX Pro Coupon: Get 40%OFF on yearly plan

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