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StaffCop Review – Is StaffCop Legit or Scam?

StaffCop Standard is an entirely simple to utilize instrument for worker checking and information misfortune counteraction; it can flaunt rich usefulness. It was intended for corporate observing and fits this reason flawlessly. Here’s a full StaffCop review below:

What is StaffCop?

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StaffCop Enterprise is a simple to-convey representative observing programming that assists organizations with checking worker exercises and practices and distinguish, dissect, and react to insider dangers. It records occasions and exercises at different endpoints, for example, representatives’ messages, visits discussions, systems, sites, and document exercises, and application use. Thusly, the product can naturally alarm clients about suspicious or risky insider occasions and exercises.

The product likewise creates information perceptions and reports with the goal that clients can exhaustively and measurably examine and research insider exercises and security episodes. It furnishes them with highlights for following representative work time and estimating worker profitability also. They can set efficiency approaches and dole out them to various organizations, offices, or workers.

Staff Cop Enterprise is worked with modules that are largely available from a solitary instrument at a reasonable value, making it an across the board and spending plan benevolent answer for SMEs. Besides, the product can be scaled to address the issues of huge organizations. It offers venture highlights, for example, the remote observing of workers’ cell phones from an electronic overseeing console, making of completely modified reports through OLAP-3D squares innovation, and execution of data security approaches.

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What is StaffCop Used for?

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StaffCop Enterprise is an on-premise programming system that makes your business sheltered and makes sure about it. It is utilized for representative observation. StaffCop gives an interesting, completely incorporated arrangement that centers around discovery and reaction to insider dangers through a blend of cutting edge conduct investigation and setting rich logging of insider movement. StaffCop Enterprise is an application dependent on a customer server design that permits us to screen all the client movement on workstations, system occasions, and data channels. Extraordinary programming for corporate use. Its usefulness is reached and immaculate to screen representatives. It very well may be utilized for workers’ observing as well as to screen home PCs. Accessible in 5 dialects.

Why Should We Choose StaffCop App?

For so many reasons! It has so many benefits including:

  • Threat Detection

StaffCop empowers clients to promptly recognize insider dangers. It tracks and records data identified with occasions and exercises that occurred at different endpoints. For instance, they can discover what exercise representatives did in applications and how much time they spent in those exercises.

They can likewise follow correspondences made by representatives through PC receiver, email, or visit. StaffCop, in like manner, licenses them to assemble data about the site’s workers had visited and the records and documents they had made, transferred, altered, or shared.

  • Worker Productivity Monitoring

StaffCop can be utilized not just for identifying, dissecting, and examining insider dangers yet additionally for checking and estimating representative profitability. It has a period following element that empowers clients to naturally record the workday of every worker, including all breaks.

To precisely gauge profitability, theiStaffCop permits them to make efficiency approaches for each organization, office, or representative. These strategies characterize which exercises are considered as beneficial and ineffective. In light of these allowed strategies, the product computes how much time representatives had spent doing beneficial and useless exercises.

  • Enterprise Size Scalability

StaffCop is furnished with big business highlights worked to address the one of a kind needs of enormous organizations with over 1,000 representatives. This makes the monitoring software a genuinely versatile worker observing arrangement

Another venture include is the capacity to produce completely tweaked reports. Since StaffCop applies OLAP-solid shapes innovation, clients would now be able to set up whatever arrangement of information filtration they need and join various reports together. For example, it has an overseeing console that system directors can access from their PC or cell phone anyplace without introducing any extraordinary application. They should simply enter the server’s IP address into an internet browser.

Who is StaffCop for?

StaffCop is proposed to assist the relationship with watching and track specialists’ PC and web tries. It’s for affiliation proprietors and office administrators who are worried over their workers. It is regardless of what you look like at it a solitary structure that can assist you with watching tunes and logs of specialist PC and development undertaking and inquires about data regularly. It besides permits chiefs to converse with them. The thing stores Workers’ contact data so chiefs and representatives can without a considerable amount of a stretch interface with them when required.

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StaffCop Key Features:

  • Screen capture recording
  • Application checking
  • Email correspondence checking
  • Site checking
  • Talks/IM movement recording
  • USB device checking
  • Clipboard checking
  • Informal organizations Monitoring
  • Search Term Tracking
  • Document and Folder following
  • Keystroke recording
  • PC exercises detailing
  • Solid security
  • System Event Monitoring

How to Install StaffCop Software?

Once the installer is launched, it solicits us to pick one from the languages it is accessible at. As of now Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, and Ukrainian is accessible. At that point, we need to pick English and snap “Next“. The establishment procedure is entirely run of the mill and has nothing to depict. During the entire procedure, a client experiences a surely understand rundown of windows: Welcome → EULA → Select goal envelope → Choose extra alternatives of StaffCop → Ready to introduce → Finish (with “Dispatch StaffCop” and “Reboot PC” checkboxes).

How Does StaffCop Work?

With StaffCop, affiliations are guaranteed that agent time is in this way view. It works setting the application to work without having to truly enter information. Additionally, the thing can in like way be checked upon to hand-off expert time to utilize information to the official’s or proprietor’s email every day. In any event, when they are away from their work locales, bosses are as of not long ago arranged to screen their operators’ activities.

StaffCop outfits them with an adaptable change of the application that handles both Android and iOS devices. With this, they stay mindful of their Workers’ doings while they are in a surge. It joins incomprehensible PC use watching limit. This section connects with chiefs to screen what their workers are doing on their PCs. It uncovers the goals and works an area applications as much of the time as possible visited by the operator during working hours. The part is basic in uncovering beneficial and deficient operators.

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Is StaffCop detectable?

Since it’s an observing programming, your antivirus ought to recognize it as possibly harmful programming. In any case, as you are the proprietor of the PC, you need to impair the antivirus cautioning first and afterward install it. Yet, after being installed, It has totally concealed mode to arrange and it’s practically imperceptible by workers.

Can I install StaffCop on the employee’s computer without being known?

Yes, you can. It’s hidden completely from the user. Only the person installs the software will know that StaffCop is installed on the target computer. It’s hidden from the Control Panel program list.


It only supports on windows operating system and only the latest OS including:

Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10. XP or Vista are not supported.

Pricing and Plans – How Much Does StaffCop Cost?

StaffCop has three releases: Home Edition, Standard, and Enterprise. We checked on StaffCop Enterprise as it has the most complete exhibit of observing highlights just as a patched-up administrator interface that can be gotten to through an internet browser as opposed to as a work area application. If you’re observing under 10 representatives, at that point you’ll have to go with StaffCop Standard, which begins at $43 per permit for a solitary workstation and $39 per permit for 2-20 workstations with volume limits from that point. StaffCop Enterprise begins at $46 per permit for 10-20 workstations and afterward scales to $43 per permit for 21-50 workstations, $40 per permit for 51-100, $38 per permit for 101-300, $36 per permit for 301-500, and $35 per permit for 501-100 workstations, trailed by exceptionally cited estimating for bigger ventures.

Free StaffCop Coupon Code:

40% OFF StaffCop Coupon Code:

Get 40% OFF on StaffCop Standard, Home Edition... at

40% OFF StaffCop Coupon Code:

Get 40% OFF on StaffCop Standard, Home Edition... at

Quick Reviews:

Here are some quick reviews that will help you to learn more about their PC monitoring software.

Site Layout reviews

The official site of StaffCop is most staggering that is likely it is an advanced and graphically mesmerizing UI.

Other than an in a general sense obvious to see the arrangement, Staff Cop contains clear, direct guidelines, making the site a clear errand to inspect.

Order and Payment

You can pick the portion system on the thing’s association page. They recognize Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club, similarly as the UK charge cards Solo and Switch on the web. They similarly recognize PayPal. Portion by credit, charge card or PayPal gives the speediest solicitation planning.

Customer Support

They have truly direct client care that can be reached by employing email or FAQs. There’s no live visit choice for earnest issues. Yet at the same time, their reactions are quick for your requirements. Their associations join viewing the data that is claim uncommon repayment for any episodes you have.

StaffCop Review – Should I Buy StaffCop Software?

When you get StaffCop Enterprise set up, it’s among the most impressive representative observing programming arrangements accessible, pressing a full scope of information gathering, client following, and revealing apparatuses. On the off chance that you can move beyond the establishment, at that point StaffCop Enterprise has everything. For what it’s worth, you can get everything StaffCop Enterprise offers and more in a smooth, cloud-based understanding by going with Editors’ Choice. There is been a massive 40% off Staff coupon code works. Join for hold resources of over 40% off!

Free StaffCop Promo Code:

40% OFF StaffCop Coupon Code:

Get 40% OFF on StaffCop Standard, Home Edition... at

40% OFF StaffCop Coupon Code:

Get 40% OFF on StaffCop Standard, Home Edition... at

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