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Spyzie coupon codeSpyzie – #1 Phone Monitoring App
OS Support: Android & iOS
Price: from $29.99
Spyzie Coupon Code: 25% OFF on Monthly Plans

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How to Redeem Spyzie Discount Coupon Code?

spyzie discount couponIn order to avail this discount, you just need to click on the Spyzie discount code and choose your Spyzie subscription plans to get this mobile phone monitoring software at a discounted rate.

An In-depth Review of Spyzie App

The smartphone is a blessing but it is also a menace to many who have become the victim of cyberbullying. Also, there are many things on the internet that kids should refrain from. It is impossible for the parents to keep an eye on every activity of their kids unless they take the help of any monitoring software solution. This Spyzie review will help you to make the correct decision about these programs.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is the professional smartphone monitoring software provider. Offering its services in more than 230 countries, it is trusted by million people around the globe. It fulfills the ever-changing needs of the users and gives the best spying solution to the parents and employers.

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Why We Need Spyzie?

You could need Spyzie for two major reasons:

  1. You want to protect your children from all kinds of inappropriate cyber activities that could harm them
  2. It becomes important for you to monitor the activities of your employees to keep your business running at its full

Watch this video for more information why you need this parental control software for your kid’s phone:

Best Spyzie Promo Code:

Spyzie coupon codeSpyzie – #1 Phone Monitoring App
OS Support: Android & iOS
Price: from $29.99
Spyzie Coupon Code: 25% OFF on Monthly Plans

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Spyzie Key Features:

Spyzie comes with the following amazing features:

  • App Blocking – you can block any app you want
  • Schedule restricting to restrict phone use
  • Geofencing – you can set the limits
  • GPS tracking – know the location of the target phone
  • Wi-Fi logger – another way to know the location of the phone
  • Call log – check all the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Messages – see all the sent and received messages
  • History of browsers – know all the visited websites
  • App activity – from usage to duration, have all the information
  • Keylogger – all the typed words are in front of you
  • Emails – know the details of incoming and outgoing emails
  • Calendar – have the account of every upcoming event
  • Voice and Memo – track them as well for detailed monitoring
  • View videos, photos and documents
  • Sim Tracking – know when there’s any SIM Card change
  • Track all the social media activities of the platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, Wechat, Line, Instagram,
  • Read notes and reminders
  • Browse contacts – to know whom they talk to

How to Install Spyzie?

To start spying on your Android phone or iPhone, you will need the following things:

  1. A premium account: To access the control panel with all the features
  2. Legal access to the phone: The device you want to spy on should be yours
  3. Spyzie monitoring app
  4. Control panel app: If you want to see the collected data by using the app

To install the Spyzie:

  • Create a Spyzie account: You will get the login credentials and downloading links on your registered email.
  • Install Spyzie: Physical access to the device is important. The setup and settings might take few minutes. Select the OS of the device on the first page of the Setup Wizard. Download the app from the next page. When the download is completed, enter your account again and click start. Allow all the permission requests. When everything is done, the app icon will get deleted automatically as the app will work in stealth mode.
  • View Monitored Data: Now go back to your own phone and complete the setup for the control You can view the data on the online dashboard as well whenever you want. Initially, it might take few minutes to sync all the data of the phone.

Watch this video to know how to install Spyzie on iPhone or iPad:


How Spyzie App Works:

Spyzie follows a simple three steps working:

  1. Create an account
  2. Install Spyzie app on the targeted smartphone
  3. See the collected data on your personal smartphone or computer

Ease of Use

spyzie app review

The only work required from your side is to install the app on the targeted phone and rest of the working will be done by Spyzie. Unlike other spying apps, you don’t need to jailbreak or root the device before installing the app which simplifies things even further. Once the app is installed on the targeted phone, your control panel dashboard will get automatically updated whenever the phone has the internet connection.


Spyzie supports Android as well as iOS devices.

  • Android: All the smartphones and tablets having Android version 4.0 and later could be monitored. Rooting of the targeted device is not necessary.
  • iOS: Devices having iOS version 8.0 or later could be monitored. You don’t have to jailbreak the device before installing Spyzie.

Quick Spyzie.com Reviews:

Here are some quick Spyzie.com reviews:

Website Layout

The website layout is simple. From the homepage, you can easily order the application. The menu bar has the following options: Features, Tutorials, Demo, Support, Pricing and Try it Now.

Shopping Processing

Go to the Pricing option in the menu bar to select the desired option. Spyzie is offered at the price of $39.99 for 1-month license for Android and iOS. There are other options for Android currently but not for iOS. The Ultimate edition is offered at only $49.99 when you purchase three months license or pay $99.99 for one year license. The Premium Edition is available at $10 lesser for the same kinds of license.

Order & Payment

When you select your package, place the order by entering your payment information. They accept almost all credit and debit cards: American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, EuroCard, Novus, JCB and many others.

Customer Service

Spyzie cares for the customers and offers instant customer care. You can take benefit from their online support or direct website chat. Their office hours are from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM-6:00PM (GMT+8:00).

Online Support

They only offer online support. You can contact them by using this form: https://www.spyzie.com/feedback.html. Also, they have FAQ page from where you can read answers to your general questions.

Final Thought

Spyzie is a complete monitoring solution for Android as well as iOS smartphones. It offers many features that others don’t and at the best possible rates. If you want to keep an eye on the activities of your employees and kids, then Spyzie is the good application to go for.

Should I Buy Spyzie?

Over a million people have trusted Spyzie, you can trust them too. If you are in search of the best smartphone monitoring app, then Spyzie is the top option available today. Now you can save up to 25% on your Spyzie purchase. Just use our special Spyzie discount coupon code  and avail the benefit.

New Spyzie Coupon Code:

Spyzie coupon codeSpyzie – #1 Phone Monitoring App
OS Support: Android & iOS
Price: from $29.99
Spyzie Coupon Code: 25% OFF on Monthly Plans

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