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  • Quite Small & Lightweight
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  • Long-life Batteries
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  • 2G or 3G cellular coverage required

Monimoto Review – The Ultimate Security For Your Motorcycle.

Monimoto is a motorbike GPS tracker. This Monimoto review shall spell out what this product is, what it is used for as well as stating reasons for its use. Features of the product shall also be laid and how it works essentially. Some FAQs shall also be answered to assist in addressing general queries.

This Monimoto GPS tracker review shall also give an overview of the company website for easier and more efficient navigation through it. Also, a breakdown of the shopping process, how to purchase goods shall be explained. A customer service section shall also be featured. This will be to give visitors to the site an idea on how to directly contact Monimoto should there be a reason to do so.

What is Monimoto?

Monimoto review

As stated earlier, Monimoto is a GPS tracker. It is specifically used on motorbikes. Monimoto is an autonomous battery-powered GPS device. It is an affordable and convenient technological device that offers reliable alarm and tracking services to the user.

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What is Monimoto Used for?

Monimoto’s basic purpose is to protect one’s motorbike from theft. Should this occur the device will call the owners phone immediately. This is done through the app that will be installed on the owner’s mobile phone. It will also keep them updated on the bike’s location throughout and every step of the way. Monimoto’s power supply is autonomous. It does not rely on the bike’s battery and therefore cannot drain your motorbike battery. The battery for the GPS device can last up to a year.

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Why Should We Choose Monimoto?

In 2019, it is estimated that 40,000 motorbikes were stolen in the UK alone. Only 15% were recovered. In more recent statistics, in 2021, over 5,500 motorcycles were stolen in the US. A very small percentage was recovered. Monimoto will assist in keeping one’s motorcycle safe and avoid the possibility of becoming part of the statistics. Also, the application and functionality of the device are straightforward. It runs on two long-life batteries. Their power levels are tracked through the app. In this way, the user will be notified in advance on when to replace them. The set-up of the application is a simple and less than 10-minute process. It can be done on either an android or iOS run device. Finally, it is a wireless device that is not connected to any part of your motorcycle.

The app is linked to the Monimoto device and allows the user to see the location of the motorcycle at all times. In the instance that GPS tracking is not available, the tracker uses CellLocate technology to approximate the location of the motorbike. In this way, the user will always know the location of their motorbike. It comes with no hidden fees and a two months free GSM service is provided. The coverage of the device is international. This is for the owner travelling or if the motorbike is stolen and moved across the border.

 How is Monimoto Different from other  Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm?

The Monimoto tracker needs no technical know-how for the set-up. Simply download the app onto the mobile device and manage the tracker. Monimoto has an independent power source and therefore does not drain the motorcycle’s battery. Its battery lasts up to a year depending on use. Also, the app will keep the user notified of battery usage. In this way, one will know when to replace before it dies out. Monimoto comes with an international SIM that works in most European countries and North America. The device arms and disarms automatically. In this way, it will call and send the owner a text message in less than a minute of it not being able to pair with its keyfob upon detecting movement.

Monimoto Key Features:

Monimoto has an extensive list of key features. They are as listed below:

  • Powered by its batteries

Monimoto is an autonomous, single-use, battery-powered GPS device. It uses two CR123A batteries. Therefore, its power does not rely on that of the motorcycle. The batteries can be bought in any major convenience store and lasts up to a year.

  • Calls your phone

When the Monimoto device detects movement and there is no paired key nearby, the owner shall receive a phone call in less than a minute.

  • Quick and easy set-up

Monimoto has a very simple set-up procedure. It can be done on Android or iOS devices and takes less than 10 minutes. Unwrap the keyfob and the Monimoto device itself and set all things up on the app. The SIM card and batteries are already in the device.

  • Sends GPS location and coordinates

If the paired key is not in the vicinity and your bike is moving, Monimoto sends its GPS location coordinated to your phone. The app has an event log, so the owner can be able to see all previous locations. The GPS location is updated every five minutes or every minute if live tracking mode is selected.

  • No wiring needed

Monimoto is a stand-alone device, has no installation costs and will not affect the warranty of the motorcycle. Given this, the Monimoto device can be moved to different motorcycles at the owners liking.

  • Auto arms and disarms

When it comes to activating and deactivating Monimoto, it arms and disarms itself automatically upon detecting the keyfob it has been linked with.

  • Works with a mobile app

The Monimoto device can be fully managed from the mobile device app it has been paired with.

  • Easy to install

The Monimoto device comes with releasable plastic zip ties. This is for easy attachment to any part of the motorcycle frame or any other stable part.

  • Works globally

Monimoto comes with a SIM card that covers Europe and North America. Also, through its algorithm, the device will choose the strongest signal in a particular area to work through.

  • Uses advanced positioning

Monimoto uses CellLocate technology in instances where the GPS signal is not available. It determines the approximate position of the device based on the distance from GSM towers in the nearby location.

How Does the Monimoto Smart GPS Tracker Work?

Place the Monimoto device in a secure position or place while keeping its antenna pointing upwards. The more out of sight it is the better the chances that it is not thrown out and thus making tracking impossible. Then, have the Monimoto app installed on the mobile device of the motorbike’s owner. Once the device is in place and has been paired with the keyfob, it arms and disarms itself automatically. As soon as Monimoto detects any kind of movement while being armed, it seeks to detect the paired key. If this does not happen, Monimoto will notify the motorcycle owner of the whereabouts of the bike. This will be done by sending the GPS location and calling the owner as well. All this will happen within a minute of it detecting movement with no pairing of the key. Updates keep on being sent regularly until the motorbike comes to a complete stop.

Check this video to know how to install and setup Monimoto GPS tracker for motorcycles:

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  • In what countries does Monimoto MM6 (3G) GPS Tracker Work?

This device works in almost every country in the world. The Monimoto website has a list of these countries. Also, if one is headed to a country not listed, then the best recourse is to use a local SIM of that country.

  • Can I use multiple Monimoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker devices with a single phone?

Yes, this is possible and all can be paired with the same mobile device. All the Monimoto devices will be linked to one keyfob and appear as a list on the smartphone they have been linked to.

  • Can I lend my Monimoto-equipped motor bike to a friend?

Yes, this can be done. If you do lend your bike to a friend give them the keyfob as well so that the motorbike remains protected. Alternatively, if one lends out their bike without the keyfob, then they must set the Monimoto device to sleep for 24 hours. In which case it won’t be protected for that said period and upon its end, the owner shall receive a notification as to the location of the bike. If the device is not put to sleep mode then it will continue sending notifications of location. Depending on usage between two to seven days of this will cause the battery to be fully consumed.

  • Will Monimoto tracker sound an alarm?

No, Monimoto will not sound an alarm.

  • Is Monimoto Wire-free Smart GPS Tracker for mottocycles waterproof?

Yes, the keyfob as well as the Monimoto device are protected from low-pressure water jets and dust.

  • What vehicles can Monimoto MM6 GPS Tracker be used with?

Monimoto can be used on cross and vintage bikes, ATVs, retro cars, caravans, quads, trailers and any cars.

  • Can I see my bike’s location at any given time with Monimoto Tracker?

No. Monimoto is not a real-time tracker. The device ‘sleeps’ and activates upon detection of motion and the Monimoto keyfob is not nearby. When active it sends out location details every five minutes or one minute if selected to do so. The device can also be set to send location details daily. Therefore, this will be done even if the device is in ‘sleep’ mode.

  • What is Monimoto Keyfob?

The keyfob is a device that comes with the Monimoto set. When it is not present near the motorbike and the Monimoto device detects movement, the alarm is activated. It is advised not to use the keyfob as a key-chain. This assists in the case of loss or theft of the owner’s keys, that the keyfob is not lost as well. Therefore, should the owner’s motorbike be stolen, then notifications will continue coming in. Also, once the owner has parked the motorcycle, they should try not to let the Monimoto device and keyfob keep a direct connection. If this happens, the alarm will not start until the motorcycle and keyfob is out of the reception zone.

  • How many Keyfobs can I add to Monimoto Device?

Up to three keyfobs can be added to a single Monimoto device.

  • How many Monimoto Devices can I add to one Keyfob?

Multiple Monimoto devices can be added to a single keyfob.

  • Are there any fees I need to pay after purchase?

Monimoto has no compulsory subscription fee, only a monthly charge of $3.50 for the GSM connectivity. This is billed annually, but if one uses their SIM card then this fee will not be applicable.

  • Which smartphones can be used with Monimoto Motorcycle Tracker?

Monimoto alarm tracker is compatible with Android version 5.0 or later as well as iPhone 5S, iOS version 9.3 or later. The smartphone must also have Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE). Alternatively, Monimoto does not work with Android Marshmallow 6.0. The Monimoto website has the list of the phones that the device is compatible with and not.

Monimoto Pricing:

  • Monimoto Tracker MM6

This comes with the Monimoto device, its keyfob, two CR123A batteries, one CR2450 battery, two releasable zip ties and a micro-sized international SIM card. The SIM card comes with a two months free subscription.

This model is a 2G and 3G device which works in Europe and the US.

This set goes for $199.00. The SIM card subscription is $3.5/month but the first two months are free.

  • Monimoto Keyfob

A spare keyfob can be purchased for the Monimoto device. Also, up to three keyfobs can be paired with a single Monimoto device. This set comes with one keyfob and one CR2450 battery. The battery has an expected lifetime of three years.

The keyfob goes for $39.00.

A Few Monimoto Reviews &Testimonials from Real Customers:

Here are some Monimoto’s customer reviews from other sites:

SPCAS – a verified buyer from says:

One of the best options for a tracker / Alarm on your Bike

Michael Morris – a verified buyer says:

“Very easy to utilize and receive daily updates…”

Here is another testimonial by a world traveller Aidas Bubinas about Monimoto.


Quick Reviews:

 Website Layout reviews

The website layout is a straight forward one. The header section of the Monimoto website has links that will redirect a visitor to different sections of the site. These links are, Shop, Features, How it works, FAQ, Blog and Help. At the left end of the header section, there are two icons, one is the Shopping Cart and the other is a flag where one can choose the region they live in. Still on the home page but as you scroll down, the website introduces one to Monimoto and what it is. A few features are shown as well as a video that further describes it. The Monimoto app is also introduced and how the device works in general. Included on the home page are a few reviews from customers. Finally, in the footer section of the website, there are more quick links to various other sections of the website. These sections are classified under three sections, Monimoto, Engage and Info. The website also shows icons that link to Monitmoto’s different social media platforms.

Shopping Processing

Start the shopping process by indicating the region you are making the order from. Then click the ‘Shop’ tab on the header section of the home page to begin the shopping process. One shall be redirected to the ‘Shop’ page. Here it shows the Monimoto Tracker set and the Monimoto Keyfob. Depending on what an individual might want, then the choice is up to them. Either product shall lead to a page where one shall be prompted to click on ‘Add to cart’. At this point, if one chooses to add another item, they may click on ‘View Cart’ and indicate the number of products they would wish to buy. Alternatively, one may also click on a different product all together and they will all be added to the existing ‘Cart’. This is the shopping process.

Order & Payment

As soon as one is done with the shopping process, then they should click on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ tab. On the ‘Checkout’ page, one shall be prompted to fill in all necessary billing details. Monimoto accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Once this is done, then one should finish the process by clicking on ‘Place order’.

Customer Service

The Monimoto website has an extensive FAQ section that is meant to answer general questions that an individual might have. The site also has links to their social media platforms that can be used to contact them. At the footer section of the site, there is a quick link to the ‘Contact Us’ page where there are various email addresses that can be used. This depends on the nature of the inquiry that one has. The bottom right hand of the screen has a chat icon. Here, one can chat with Monimoto and expect a response from a customer care attendant.

Monimoto Review –Does Monimoto Really Work? and Should I Buy T Monimoto?

Yes, Monimoto works and one should buy it. This bike tracker is a worthwhile investment and it comes with an a special Monimoto coupon code. The fact that one will not have to worry about recharging its battery now and then is an advantage. Its power lasts a year on average, does not drain the motorbike’s battery and is not connected to any part of the motorcycle in technical terms. These are all benefits. The call one gets when the device cannot detect the Monimoto keyfob upon movement is more-or-less instantaneous. Therefore, this saving on time in some cases can ensure recovery of a stolen motorcycle within hours or even minutes of theft. The set-up is simple and the device can function globally. The Monimoto tracker offers peace of mind and the reassurance that if stolen, the chances of recovery of a stolen motorcycle are extremely high.

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