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Litmor Review – The #1 Wireless Home Security Camera

In this article, we present a review of the company, Litmor. The article will cover who the company is, how remote security camera can be of assistance to you, why you should pick the Litmor battery cam, and what this battery cam can do for you. Readers will also get to know what else the company is selling on its website, which includes Descriptions of the company’s best selling products.

A FAQ  section will help answer many of the questions the readers might have about the company. The article will conclude by offering a quick overview of the company’s website features including its layout, how to shop on the site, how to make orders and payments on the site, as well as the available customer service avenues.

Who is Litmor?

Litmor coupon codeLitmor is a company that specializes in the making of outstanding security products, that feature elegant appearances, as well as intelligent functions. The purpose of creating such products is to make it easier for all individuals to fulfill their own security needs. The company is also invested in making it easier for individuals to establish a more connected and enjoyable life wherever they are in the world.

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How can remote security camera help you?

With this type of security camera, you are able to monitor and manage the security status of your home, pets, and children remotely. You do not need to be on location. In addition, most of these remote security cameras can support multiple security monitoring touch points. This allows you to conveniently check all of the security cameras in your home or business by simply using your smartphone App.

Why Pick Litmor Battery Cam?

You should pick this battery cam because, for starters, it has the spotlights and siren that are useful in scaring away unwanted guests. It also features a flexible mount, which allows you to place it anywhere you prefer, and in any position you deem suitable. Furthermore, you can use stickers, nails, and wires to install it, which makes it possible to place this cam on any surface.

The camera is waterproof, and able to withstand temperatures that range between -20°C and 45°C. Hence, you do not have to worry about the weather, or its changes affecting its functions.

What’s more, the camera features excellent colour night vision, which will enable you to see clearly everything that is going on, day or night.

Lastly, this camera is also harder to access, harder to break, and to block than the traditional video doorbells, and keyhole cameras.

What can the Litmor Battery Cam Do For You?

One of its primary abilities is that it can scare off intruders. Having a highly visible security camera near or at your front door has been Proven to act as a deterrent against intruders.

In addition, using the company app, you can be able to trigger the built-in 100db siren on the battery cam from a distance. You can also set off the 92 lumens spotlights using the same app, and from a distance. Either or both of these features can scare off an intruder. These features can also alert the neighbours that someone is trying to access your home illegally. They can then call the police.

Its dual audio feature can also be useful, just in case you would want or need to communicate with the intruder.

Another useful feature of this battery cam is that it records the events. The cam is activated immediately it senses motion. Once activated, the cam will send you a notification that will inform you of the activities that are being undertaken within the cam’s field of view. You can watch live feed or, watch what has been recorded and uploaded on the app. These recordings can be used to identify the culprit, or as proof of intrusion.

With the Litmor Battery Cam, you can also get easy access to the footage you actually need. The cam is only activated when there is movement, hence, you will not need to sift through hours of useless footage to find a specific event.

Lastly, this cam will help you to keep an eye on your kids, as well as ensure that you are not missing out on any deliveries.

What Are They Selling at

The company is selling battery cameras, floodlight cameras, as well as battery cam mounts on its website.

Best-selling Products at

In this section, we will discuss some of the best selling products that are found on the company’s website. Under each product, there will be a description of what the camera is, its key features, how it is installed, how the product works, and its battery’s lifespan.

  1. Litmor Battery Cam 2

Litmor Battery Cam 2 reviews

This is a rechargeable home security camera that is powered by battery. It protects your home every day, both inside and out, regardless of the weather changes. It features built in spotlights, as well as two night vision modes. Both of these features enhance colour night vision, as well as providing the normal black and white night vision. You can set the colour configuration that is most appropriate for you.

  • Key Features

Its key features include the following:

  • 1080 HD live view
  • PIR motion sensor
  • 92 lumens spotlights
  • Colour night vision
  • 125° wide view angle
  • 106 dB siren
  • Two way audio talk
  • Clear live view as well as recordings
  • Distortion free audio
  • IP66 waterproof rating that allows it to be fit for use both indoor, and outdoor, as well as in any weather conditions.

How to Install Litmor Battery Cam 2?

Installation is wireless. You can choose the best way to place the battery powered camera. Options available to you include hanging, placing it on a desk, or mounting it on the wall or eave. A 360 degree mount is provided to you with your purchase, and it allows you to adjust the camera degree to the angle that is most preferred to you.

If you are placing on a rough surface, you can use screws to mount the camera. If it is a clean, smooth surface, then 3M stickers will suffice. After setting it, wait for a couple of minutes, and then you can begin to use the camera.

  • How Litmor Battery Cam Works

Whenever the camera detects motion, it will send a notification to your device instantly. You can then check the event the live feed, or the recorded videos and images that the camera was able to capture. All the captured videos and images are saved to the Micro SD, Which you need to purchase separately. The recommended Micro SD for this cam is one with 32 GB of space, and has a speed class of 10, as well as a FAT 32format.

If there is an intruder, you can be able to use the siren alarm to warn them from coming any closer.

You can also personalize the setting options, such as the motion area and alert scheduling. You get a daily brief at the end of the day about the motion numbers, the categories, as well as trend insights. This cam works with Google Assistant as well as Alexa, allowing you alarms and lights remotely.

  • Battery Lifespan

This battery cam comes with a pair of rechargeable and certified batteries that can last between 2-5 months each on a single charge. The camera will also automatically notify you when the battery capacity reaches 20%. The batteries can be charged using electricity, or through the use of a standard solar panel.

Please note that it is advisable to fully charge the camera before using it for the first time.

  • Price

This Litmor Battery Cam 2 will cost you $49.99. The shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout point. Please remember to check our Litmor Battery Cam coupon code below.

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  1. Litmor Battery Cam

The Litmor Battery Cam is a rechargeable home security camera that is powered using battery. This security cam can protect your home, both inside and out, 24/7, and regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Key Features

The key features of this battery powered cam include:

  1. A 360 degree mount system that allows you to install it on any of the surfaces around your home.
  2. 1080 HD live view camera
  3. Colour night vision
  4. 92 lumens spotlights
  5. Built in siren of 100 dB
  6. Two way audio talk
  7. 100% wire free
  8. Local storage
  9. Weather proof IP66
  10. Customizable motion zones
  11. 125° field of view
  12. Easy and flexible setup and installation

You can install the Litmor App on your smartphone and this will allow you to watch live view as well as listen to audio. The app will also allow you to listen in on any visitors on your premises from anywhere in the world.

You can trigger the in-built 100 dB siren remotely, and this will help deter intruders or unwanted visitors from trying to access your premises any further.

This camera is compatible with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa, which provides you with major convenience when using this camera remotely. Each of these cameras comes with a 1 year free warranty.

  • Can I use Litmor Battery Cam outdoor?

The Litmor Battery Cam features an IP66 waterproof and weatherproof rating. It can operate in the rain, and when it’s shining. In addition, it can work within a wide temperature range, i.e. between -20° C and 45° C. This means that you can put it anywhere, inside or outside of your home.

  • Price

The Litmor Battery Cam comes in five different kits that cost differently. The 1 pack will cost $89, while the 2 pack will cost $168.99. The 3 pack goes for $248.99, while the 4 pack will cost you $328.99. lastly, the five pack goes for $398.99.

  1. Litmor Floodlight Camera

Litmor Floodlight Camera review

The Litmor Floodlight Camera is a floodlight home security camera that protects your home at all times, whether you are in the house or not. It is able to detect motion, categorize it, and notify you if and when there is an intruder, an animal, as well as alert you if an authorized person is approaching your home.

  • Key Features

The key features of this floodlight camera include:

  • Motion detection and alert notifications
  • 180° viewing angle: this allows the camera to cover all aspects, day and night. It can also see packages, or detect motions that are right beneath it.
  • 2400 lumens floodlight that is activated when night falls. This feature provides you with night colour vision, as well as acting as a deterrent to potential intruders who want to access your property without your consent.
  • 110 dB siren

How Litmor Floodlight Camera Works:

Once you have installed the Litmor App in your smartphone, you will be able to watch the live feed emanating from the camera. You can also talk to, and listen in on any visitors remotely, from any part of the world using the Litmor App. If there is an intruder, you can set off the 100 dB siren as well as the 2400 lumens floodlight in order to deter them, and to alert neighbours and law enforcement of the possible intrusion.

You get 1 year free warranty for this product.

  • Price

The cost of this floodlight camera is $179.


  • What is in theLitmor package?

Upon delivery and your opening of the package, you will find a single Litmor Battery Cam, one USB 2.0 charging cable, as well as a 360° mount that is rotatable. Also included in the package are tool kits meant to aid you in installation. The tool kits include four anchor kits, four screws, and a pair of 18650 lithium batteries.

If you purchase a two pack version, then all of the above will be doubled.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

The capacity of the batteries in the Litmor Battery Cam is 5200mAh. It takes 8 hours for them to fully charge, i.e. go from zero to 100%. The charger used to charge the battery camera needs to have a capacity of 5 volts 2 amperes.

The original iPhone charger only has a capacity of 5 volts 1 ampere. As such, it cannot be used to charge the Litmor Battery Cam.

  • How to install your Litmor Battery Cam?

In the package, you will find two different installation kits that are appropriate for various locations. For the rough surfaces, it is advisable to use the screws and anchor kits for installation. Rough surfaces in this case include a brick, concrete, or wooden wall.

For smooth surfaces such as front door, or windows, you can use the 3M stickers to install. Be sure that the surfaces are clean and flat before placing the stickers.

Other installation options include fixing by strings or by screwed brackets, or leaving the camera to stand with the bracket, or to stand without it.

  • What kind of motion will be detected with Litmor Security Camera?

This camera uses a smart algorithm to determine multiple types of motions. These types include motion created by people, cars, and animals. However, this is a paid service.

Customers can decide not to use the Litmor smart algorithm motion detection. When this occurs, the cam will filter out all of the non human motions, and only present you with detected human motions.

  • Will the Litmor Cam detect my dog and cat?

The Litmor Battery Cam is able to detect animal motions. However, this is a paid service, and to access it, you will be required to subscribe to the Litmor+ smart algorithm detection service.

Otherwise, if a customer does not pay for this particular service, the cam will only detect and notify human motions while filtering out all the rest.

A Few Litmor Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some Litmor Battery Cam customer reviews from other sites:

A verified purchase – from says:

“ I am quite happy with this unit’s appearance, and overall functionality!…”

Hope – from a verified buyer says:

This item was super cool and works very well. the charge lasts for about two weeks and it is a great affordable home security option…”

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

Litmor Security Cam Review

The website layout ( is simple, and the font plus background colour is visually appealing. Both of these features make navigation easier for all, especially the new visitors to the site.

Shopping Processing

All shopping is done on the website. Each product has its own unique page where customers can find all the necessary details regarding it including price and key features.

Order and Payment

After you are done shopping, proceed to the checkout page, and pay for the product purchased using your preferred payment method. Once payment goes through, you will receive a notification on email confirming your purchase, and giving you shipping details.

Customer Service

The company has an exhaustive ‘Contact Us’ page where you can find all of the company’s relevant contact details.

Litmor Review – Should I Buy Litmor Wireless Security Camera?

Indeed you should if you want to keep your home and property secure, day and night, regardless of weather conditions. Hurry and purchase now in order to get a special Litmor coupon code that gets you a discount on your purchase.

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How to Redeem Litmor Coupon Code?

In order to avail this discount, you just only need to click on Litmor cam promo code and choose your suitable subscription plans to get this wireless HD battery powered home security camera at a discounted rate.

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