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ContentBarrier coupon codeContentBarrier X9 – # 1 Mac Parental Control Software
OS Support: Mac OS
Price: from $79.99
ContentBarrier Secure Coupon: Get $35 OFF on 2-Year Plan

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How to Active Intego ContentBarrier X9 Coupon Code?

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ContentBarrier Secure X9 Review – #1 Mac Parental Control & Security App

Intego ContentBarrier X9 goes about as your kids’ advanced gatekeeper or you might say a digital guardian at whatever point they go on the web. It’s anything but difficult to set up adjustable profiles that check Internet usage and activities and stop grown-up content. The good news is that your children will be sheltered with a safe world that is age-suitable, and you’re given true serenity realizing that they’re shielded from concealed online perils.  Furthermore, here’s a full review on Intego’s ContentBarrier Secure X9.

What is Intego ContentBarrier Secure X9?

Intego ContentBarrier X9 CouponIt’s a parental control and a Mac Internet Security arrangement that permits you to make proper online limits for children of any age whether it’s teen or toddlers you’re dealing with. Macintosh clients have one of a kind security needs, and Intego has been attempting to shield them from the threats of the Internet for more than 18 years.

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Established in 1997, Intego is the main organization concentrating exclusively on security for Macs and other Apple items. With a full scope of items to secure Macs, just as items for iOS gadgets, for example, the iPhone and iPad. Intego makes parenting easier and sophisticated for Mac and Apple clients. This product incorporates parental control, extremely simple to design, which will permit you to remotely control your youngsters’ actions on the Internet and to restrict locales inadmissible for them. An element that will supplant your eyes and ears if there should arise an occurrence of nonattendance of your children.

It’s considerably more than only a parental control, it is likewise a product that will adequately battle Mac and PC malware, and shield your system from a wide range of viruses and threats. Assurance that likewise stretches out to the system, and accordingly guarantees you a totally secure web perusing. Which is obvious since it’s a part of Intego’s software bundle. Now, this parental control software will help you accordingly and make you lose your worry about your children’s safety. Thinking about this, the programmers from Intego is working consistently to improve and provide updates.

What is ContentBarrier Secure x9 Used for?

ContentBarrier has different features for different activities. It has different interfaces consistently with the Mac OS X client accounts on your PC. You can set the program to let your children utilize the Internet at specific occasions, and on specific days. You can decide to restrict or permit explicit sites, permit clients just to utilize chosen applications, and restrict access to explicit sorts of substances like streaming sites. The program can even send you an email, naturally, when certain occasions happen. There have been numerous occurrences where a noxious code had been composed into specific projects that were later downloaded from a better than average source and introduced. This kind of event causes malicious programs like viruses and trojan horses to get inside the devices easily since they are open to Javascript enabled apps.

Why Should We Choose ContentBarrier Secure X9?

Is there any good reason why you shouldn’t? Intego’s ContentBarrier has some extraordinary instruments that can help guard your children on the web. This parental control programming for Mac PCs hinders the sites, words and other substances you stress over as a parent. It is easy to understand and made only for Mac working systems. This PC observing programming gives you what your kid does on the web, and you can design its channels to permit or restrict substance your children might need to communicate with later on. Content Barrier is an adaptable program. For instance, you can stop sites dependent on their substance classifications, including those that highlight liquor, betting, sex and sex entertainment and a lot more than you can think of negatively. You can likewise restrict explicit sites and catchphrases.

Who is ContentBarrier Secure for?

intego contentBarrier Secure reviewContentBarrier Secure X9 application that permits one to remain refreshed on the family’s web movement. It is a control that is coordinated is parental empowering you to limit screen-time, Internet, applications, and streaming videos in your family’s smart devices and PCs. The application that is the equivalent up, in parent mode, as the remote control where you could make changes and take prompt activities. you can, for instance, restrict web content dependent on classes, explicit URLs, and keywords, or set up a whitelist of confided in locales to make them accessible.

The parental control application likewise incorporates the capacity to record keystrokes, take screen captures, confine application access for certain applications, restrict garbage messages or associations with gaming servers and numerous different capacities. In this way, essentially it is for guardians who need to see their children all together that they don’t lose their direction. It surely goes about as your children’s advanced gatekeeper at whatever point they go on the web. You can set up adaptable profiles that screen Internet propensities and confine grown-up content. Your children are given a world that is sheltered and age-proper, and you’re given genuine feelings of serenity realizing that they’re shielded from shrouded online perils.

Key Features:

  • Core Parental Controls
  • Channel Email or Instant Messages
  • Against phishing
  • Personality and Privacy Protection
  • Pre-characterized channels for protected and simple substance sifting
  • Destinations visited, locales blocked, talks, email, applications, screen captures, and keystrokes
  • Keeps outside circles and volumes from mounting
  • Snappy empowering/incapacitating of assurance for every client
  • Client photographs can be included for simple acknowledgment and setup
  • Blocking explicit sites
  • Hostile to Predator checking capacity

How to Install ContentBarrier Secure X9?

To download your Intego software, you have to click on the provided link in the email you got at the hour of procurement or by downloading the product from the Intego site. Once your download has finished, you have to open the *.DMG file. As a matter of course, this record is situated in your Downloads organizer. Kindly check your internet browser inclinations to affirm the area of downloaded documents. This will manage you through the establishment of the Applications. You will be given a License Agreement and be requested your PC’s Administrator secret key. When your Intego X9 programming has been effectively set up, you’ll be prepared for your utilization.

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How Does Intego ContentBarrier Secure Work?

ContentBarrier works with different clients and interfaces flawlessly with the Mac OS X client accounts on your PC. On the off chance that you have a few kids, you can set various criteria relating to their age or development. You can pick whether they approach newsgroups, email, or whether they can download documents. You can set the program to let them just utilize the Internet at specific occasions, and on specific days. Finally, you can also decide to restrict or permit explicit sites, permit clients just to utilize chosen applications, and restrict access to explicit kinds of substance. And it also lets you keep track of your children’s’ activities. Of course, you should rest assured that there’s no possibility of sensitive data leakage.

Is ContentBarrier Secure Detectable?

As a Parental Monitoring service, you’d obviously expect that ContentBarrier Secure to be undetectable to your children and it is. After installation, you’ll be provided with a unique shortcut key to get into the ContentBarrier control panel. Of course, you can change your shortcut keys from the control panel. But without the shortcut keys, you won’t have to worry about it cause ContentBarrier is pretty much undetectable.


ContentBarrier Secure X9 is just perfect with Mac OS. It’s good with Mac OS X 10.9 – macOS 10.15. What’s more, you’d need 1.5 GB of accessible hard-disk space for setting it up.

Pricing & Plans – How Much Does ContentBarrier Secure Cost?

Intego offers the likelihood to browse various plans. ContentBarrier Secure X9 costs about $59.99 every year for 1 device.

Best Intego ContentBarrier X9 Coupon Code:

ContentBarrier coupon codeContentBarrier X9 – # 1 Mac Parental Control Software
OS Support: Mac OS
Price: from $79.99
ContentBarrier Secure Coupon: Get $35 OFF on 2-Year Plan

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Quick Reviews:

Site Layout review

The official site of is most excellent that is presumably it is an advanced and graphically mesmerizing UI.

Aside from a significantly obvious to see the arrangement, contains clear, direct guidelines, making the site a simple undertaking to visit

Order & Payment

They acknowledge different other installment decisions for your advantage, including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid gift vouchers bearing the Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo

Customer Service

As the foremost parental monitoring software for Mac OS, you’d expect Intego to have it straight down concerning their customer care and without a doubt they do. Complete the form from the website. They’ll hit you up when they are able to. They’ve focused customer care and correspondence that is open to their customers. Their administrations include observing your data that are very own repayment for any misfortunes you have.

Intego ContentBarrier X9 Review – Should I Buy Intego ContentBarrier?

Pros and Cons of ContentBarrier X9


  • Cost is lower than the normal programming of a similar class
  • It can make custom channels.
  • Simple to-utilize interface.
  • Adaptable booking highlights.
  • Parental controls were introduced with site and application blocking.
  • Ensures sensitive data
  • Incorporates numerous valuable highlights for parental controls
  • Gives email, telephone, and live visit help support


  • Can’t alter preset keywords classification records.
  • Planning conduct is exceptionally surrey.
  • Customer service is not accommodated 24/7
  • It’s only for Mac OS

ContentBarrier Secure X9 is turning into the most famous parental help a Mac client can have. While their paid enrollment model isn’t actually the arrangement that is least expensive these days at $59.99 per year, insofar as you’re alright going with preset limitation subjects, you can, in any case, utilize the free variety doing nearly everything the remunerated adaptation can put something aside for a couple of additional advantages like portable checking abilities. Add to this an excellent powerful location that is cloud-based and you have a formula for progress. There is been a monstrous Intego ContentBarrier coupon code on sale.

Best Intego ContentBarrier X9 Promo Code:

ContentBarrier coupon codeContentBarrier X9 – # 1 Mac Parental Control Software
OS Support: Mac OS
Price: from $79.99
ContentBarrier Secure Coupon: Get $35 OFF on 2-Year Plan

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