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Hushed Review – Hushed Lifetime Second Phone Number

Hushed is a private phone number mobile application. This review shall explain what this product is, how it works, its uses and a few key features. Answers to some FAQs shall also be included to assist in addressing general queries. The compatibility of Hushed shall also be addressed along with its pricing plans.

To ease navigation through it, an overview of the website shall be included. A breakdown of the shopping process and how to make a payment shall also be explained. A customer service section shall be featured as well. The purpose of this will be to give visitors to the site an idea on how to directly contact Hushed should there be a reason to do so.

What is Hushed?

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Hushed is a mobile application that offers its users affordable, private and secure telecommunication solutions. It has fully equipped texting as well as talk capabilities. Hushed allows one to call or text with a different number from over 300 area codes in the UK, US and Canada. The service offered is of the highest quality while protection of privacy remains paramount the providers of the service.

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What is Hushed Used for?

Hushed enables one to communicate, whether via text or call without having to share their private or personal number. Communication is sent from the Hushed number for a specific project or reason. The communication is kept secure and there is no interaction between the Hushed number and the personal number of the client.

Why Should We Choose Hushed?

The reason to choose Hushed is simple, to keep your privacy while at the same time ensuring the communication is secure. For instance, if one was interacting business on local classifieds, Hushed would be the ideal solution. Instead of using your personal number for the classifieds, use a Hushed burner number. All inquiries will come through this number and once the business is completed, the number can be disposed of. The same solution would apply if one would prefer to keep the work and personal numbers separate while not having two separate devices.

In matters travel, loved ones can reach you through a local number and not have to pay roaming or long-distance telephone charges through the use of a Hushed number. When online dating, one can add an extra layer of security by sharing the Hushed number with the dating app. These are individuals one is just getting to know therefore, the Hushed number may be shared as they get to know the other person.

Hushed App Key Features

Hushed provides telecommunication solutions that ensure privacy and security. Some of the key features and explanations that they come along with are listed below:

  • Calling

Hushed allows the user to make and receive calls in total anonymity. There is no interaction between the personal number and the Hushed burner number. Therefore, no records will show on phone bills.

  • SMS and MMS

Hushed allows the user to receive and send text messages. Also allowed are pictures, gifs as well as audio messages. The communication is secure and will remain private at all times. The user may also choose to delete messages at any time or once they have no more use for the Hushed number.

  • Multiple Numbers

The Hushed user has the option of separating their personal number from the business one. The numbers can be multiple and there isn’t a time limit on the period that one may keep a number. Also, an individual may dispose of their number at any time they wish to.

  • Custom Voicemail Greeting

If the user cannot answer a call for whatever reason, they may choose to record a voicemail greeting. This message can be customized and therefore a different one for each of the Hushed numbers they have.

  • Call Forwarding

The Hushed user has the option of setting up a call forwarding number. This will redirect incoming calls on the Hushed number to any other phone number of the users choosing. In this way, the user will remain reachable round the clock.

  • Call Routing

Hushed has the feature of providing calls using voice minutes from its wireless plan. This is an alternative to the use of a Wi-Fi or data connection. This option can also be used in areas with poor WIFI or data connection while still maintaining the highest quality of the call.

  • Auto-Reply Messages

Another feature on the Hushed app is auto-reply. This allows the user to set-up auto-reply messages.  These messages may follow different rules as pertains to different situations.

  • Multiple Devices

The Hushed number can be used on any mobile device once the user logs into their account. In this manner, even a mobile tablet can be turned into a phone, but a Wi-Fi or data connection is necessary.

  • Drop-Box / Slack Integrations

The Hushed user is also allowed the opportunity to reply and send SMS messages through the Slack platform. The history of these messages may also be saved directly to the user’s Drop-Box account referral at a later time. Voicemails as well as different media can also be saved in the same manner.

How Does the Hushed App Work?

The first thing is to download the Hushed application. Options of the download are either for the Android or iOS operating system. Once this is done, create an account. After which one can log into the account with Hushed. The next step is to go to the menu and use the ‘Get New Number’ to choose a new number. Through the area code search, one will have the option of choosing a phone number. This may be either a local number or one from anywhere in the world. The next step will be to choose a pricing plan. Hushed offers the user various pricing plans that they may decide from. After this, the user is free to begin using the Hushed app. Keep your number for as long as you have use for it or delete it once it has fulfilled its purpose.

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How do I make a phone call with a Hushed number?

  • From the Hushed phone menu, select the phone number you would like to use.
  • Next, select the phone dialer icon.
  • Dial a valid phone number and then press the phone icon to begin the call.

NOTE: Hushed encourages the internationally-recognized standard phone number format when dialing. This is the E.164 Phone Number Formatting. It entails:

  • Punch in a ‘+’ (plus) sign – enter this by holding ‘0’ on the dialer,
  • The international country calling code,
  • Then the local area code,
  • And finally, the local phone number.

Is Hushed App Legal?

The Hushed app is legal. Hushed has Terms of Service (TOS). They are a legally binding agreement between the user and Hushed, therefore making the application’s use legal. Use of the Hushed app is on condition that the user agrees to and complies with the TOS.

Hushed FAQs:

  • Do my contacts know I am using Hushed App?

No, they do not. When sending a text or making a call through Hushed, the recipients will only see your Hushed number. They will also not know that you are using Hushed. This will be to protect your privacy.

  • Can I use Hushed App on more than one phone?

Yes. If by chance you forget your phone at home, just download the Hushed app on a friend’s device. Log into your account and access all your Hushed numbers. This access can only be done through a single device at a time as opposed to many. One can also create multiple Hushed accounts but each will require a unique email username. There is no limit on the number of accounts that one may create.

  • Where does Hushed work? Do I need a Wi-Fi or Data connection?

In order for Hushed to work, one will need a Wi-Fi/data connection on your device. Hushed can even be accessed via a tablet. The requirement for use is a strong Wi-Fi/data connection on your device.

Through the call routing feature of Hushed, one can make calls using voice minutes from its wireless plan. This is an option to using a Wi-Fi or data connection. It can be used where the Wi-Fi or data connection is poor.

  • What happens if I uninstall the Hushed application from my device?

If one uninstalls Hushed, the device does not stop the real number from working normally. The management of Hushed numbers is done on the app platform with no effect on an individual’s original number. The Hushed number on the other hand continues working until it expires, even if the app is uninstalled.

  • Do I require a SIM card to use Hushed?

Not necessarily. Hushed uses Wi-Fi/data connection to work. Also, in no way is it linked to the original cellular account. The mobile device requires no SIM card to be able to use Hushed.

Hushed Pricing & Plans

Hushed has 3 subscription plans, the Unlimited Subscription, the Prepaid Plan and the Pay-As-You-Go International Plan.

The Unlimited Subscription begins at US$3.99/year and id charged at US$4.99/monthly. It offers unlimited local talk time as well as text. Canadian and US numbers make or receive calls or texts within both countries on the different types of plans. It is also an auto-renewing subscription. There is no expiry date. Finally, it is available in 1 or 3 line bundles. An individual may choose from monthly or yearly plans. If one chooses to sign up on the yearly plan, they end up saving up to 20% on their subscription.

On the Prepaid Plan charges begin at US$1.99 for a 7-Day Plan, US$3.99 for a 30-Day Plan, US$9.99 for a 90-Day Plan and US$29.99 for an Annual Plan. It offers bundled minutes or SMSs for local talk time as well as texting. Canadian and US numbers can make or receive calls or texts within both countries on the various plan types. It offers a one-time payment for any long-term or short-term use scenario. The various plans are for 7, 30, 90, and 365 days, which can be extended at any time.

Finally, there is the Pay-As-You-Go International Plan. Its charges begin at US$4.99. This amount includes $1.00 in credits. The subscriber can make international calls from anywhere at the best of rates. The subscriber uses Hushed credits straight from their account balance. One can text internationally using US or Canadian numbers.

There is a Credit Package. Hushed Credits allow an individual to add SMS usage and /or minutes on any of your Pay-As-You-Go or Pre-Paid numbers. Another use for credits is that they may buy new numbers or even extend existing ones. Please remember to check our Hushed app lifetime coupon code to get discount at checkout.

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83% OFF Hushed Lifetime Coupon Code:

Get 83% OFF on Hushed lifetime subscription plans with our Hushed coupon code at

83% OFF Hushed Lifetime Coupon Code:

Get 83% OFF on Hushed lifetime subscription plans with our Hushed coupon code at


Hushed is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems for mobile and tablet devices. The latest updates are supported on Android 5.0 as well as iOS 10.0 and above.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Hushed app review

Their official website ( layout is a simple one. The header section of the site has the main links that will direct one to different sections of the site, these are, Plans and Pricing, Features, About Us, Log In and Get Started. Still on the home page but as you scroll down, the page introduces one to what Hushed is. Further down are statistics on the number of downloads, calls made and received, the number of area codes different calls have been made from and more. It also shows some advantages of using Hushed as well as brief information on the pricing plans.

Some features are also briefly explained on the home page. After this are some reviews from different customers who have used Hushed. And finally, in the footer section of the website, there are more quick links to other sections of the website. These sections are such as the Sitemap, Affiliates, Terms of Service, the Blog and other links. The website also shows the different avenues of downloading the application as well as the social media platforms for Hushed.

Shopping Processing

After downloading the Hushed application. One can create a Hushed account from the app or the header section under the ‘Log-in’ tab. Once an account is created then one has the options of getting a new number, buying credits, managing their number(s) or managing their billing. Depending on the need of an individual, one may follow the prompts as directed. The pricing plans have three options and one may choose the most preferable to them.

Order & Payment

On the Hushed phone menu after clicking on ‘Add Number’, select a country, number and then region. After this process, one can choose a number and then a plan that works for them. Once one is certain on their plan, then to purchase one can click on ‘Buy’ to offer the in-app purchase payment. All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Customer Service

At the header section of the website, from the Features and Plans and Pricing links, one may gain access to FAQs. Here, some of the most commonly asked questions one might have are addressed. If not, there is a ‘Help’ tab on the bottom right of the screen where one can ask their question directly. There are also social media links that one may use to get in touch with Hushed. Also, in the footer section of the website, there is a quick link to the Support Center. Here there is also a myriad of issues that are addressed by Customer Care. Some of these issues include matters of texting, calling, privacy information, troubleshooting and other issues.

Hushed Review – Is Hushed Legit?

Yes, Hushed is a legitimate mobile device application and you should buy it. In this era of securing personal data, Hushed is your answer. Especially when interacting with many individuals. When it comes to having a contact number for the classifieds and if you are traveling overseas and need loved ones to keep in touch, Hushed will work for you. Even as a work-related number, it can be used instead of having different devices. The reasons could be personal or business, but Hushed will ensure the user’s privacy and keep their communication secure. The features provided are as varied as call routing, the capability of having multiple numbers and others. This application shall truly assure your privacy and security of your telephone communications.

In addition to pocket-friendly pricing plans, Hushed also offers a lifetime coupon code. Please check our Hushed coupon code below:

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Get 83% OFF on Hushed lifetime subscription plans with our Hushed coupon code at

83% OFF Hushed Lifetime Coupon Code:

Get 83% OFF on Hushed lifetime subscription plans with our Hushed coupon code at

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