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Fonemonitor coupon codeFoneMonitor – The Most-trusted Parental Control Software & Web Blocker
OS Support: Android & iOS
Price: from $39.99
FoneMonitor Promo Code: 25% OFF on Month Subscription

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An In-depth Review of FoneMonitor App

This is an in-depth review of the FoneMonitor software. The article will explain what the program is, how it works, its key features, how to install it, its compatibility with devices, its detectability, as well as what makes this program stand out in the market. You will also read about the features of the company website including its layout, how to shop on it, and the process of getting in touch with the company’s customer care department. At the end, you will find out more about the company’s ongoing promotion on its main offering.

What is FoneMonitor?

fonemonitor promo codeFoneMonitor is a remote monitoring program that enables individuals to remotely monitor phones that are being used by others that are under their charge. Employers and parents are the main users of this program as they seek to always be in the know regarding how their employees or children are using their phones.

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Why We Need FoneMonitor?

If you are a parent, you will need this application to monitor the activities that your children undertake on their phones. The online world can be a dangerous place especially for children, and using this program can help you ensure that your kids are not associating with unsavory characters over the internet. In addition, you can also monitor all of the other activities that they are undertaking using their phones so that you are always in the know about who they are communicating with, and whether your child is engaging in the wrong activities.

As an employer, you will also need this program in order to ensure that your employees are using the company phones correctly, and that they are not abusing their company phone privileges.

Free FoneMonitor Promo Code:

Fonemonitor coupon codeFoneMonitor – The Most-trusted Parental Control Software & Web Blocker
OS Support: Android & iOS
Price: from $39.99
FoneMonitor Promo Code: 25% OFF on Month Subscription

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Key Features:

The FoneMonitor comes with the following features:

  • Text Messages Monitoring: All the sent and received SMS are monitored
  • Calls and Contacts: From the name of the person to the conversation, everything is being monitored
  • WhatsApp and Other Social Media Spying: WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, and all other social media activities are monitored
  • Applications: Installed applications, downloaded photos, and videos, all the information could be seen on the control panel
  • Browser History: All the browsing history and web address logs could be monitored
  • Photos and Videos: See every media file that is captured or saved on the phone
  • Notes and Events: The upcoming memos, calendar activities, and reminders, could be known before the event
  • GPS Tracking: Tell the exact location of the target device; you can keep an eye on them no matter where they go
  • Capture Screenshots: Different screenshot captured at the different time tells what is exactly happening on the phone’s screen
  • WiFi logger: Tracks the time and location of the WiFi signals that a device connected with
  • Keylogger: All the inputs on the device are recorded as the encrypted log files

How to Install FoneMonitor?

Installing FoneMonitor is quite easy. After registering your FoneMonitor account, you can fill in the details of the target device including the name, and age of the user of the target device. You also need to select the type of OS that the target device is running on.

Next, go to the Settings menu on the target device, select ‘Security’ and finally, click on the ‘enable‘ box that is next to the ‘Unknown sources’ option. Save the settings and proceed to download the program from the company website. Once the program has been downloaded, follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen of the target device.

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How Does FoneMonitor Work?

In order to use FoneMonitor, you start by creating an account with the company on its website. Once you have registered, you need to install the FoneMonitor app on the target phone. Next, you need to key in and verify the number of the target phone that you wish to monitor. Now, you are able to monitor the target phone and every activity carried out using the device.

You can access all of the monitored data by logging into your account remotely from a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

Is FoneMonitor Detectable?

FoneMonitor is not detectable as it works in the background and cannot be discovered by the user of the target device.


This program is compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS, which are Android 8.0 Oreo, and iOS12.

Pricing and Plans

There are a variety of plans to choose from, all with affordable pricing. The plans are divided according to the operating system used by the target device. For instance, for the Android phones, has two plans, the ultimate edition and premium edition. The ultimate edition has three plans that include the 1 month subscription that goes for $39.99, the three month subscription priced at 49.99 dollars, and the 1 year subscription that costs 99.99 dollars.

The premium edition also has three plans that include the monthly subscription for 29.99 dollars, while a subscription for three months will cost you 39.99 dollars down from 59.99 dollars. The last plan under this edition is the 1 year subscription that will cost you 99.99 dollars.

For iOS devices, there is only one subscription plan. This is the monthly plan that costs 39.99 per month.

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What makes FoneMonitor different from other parental control software?

The FoneMonitor program is different from other similar programs in the market because it is 100% secure, and you are guaranteed of virus-free as well as plugin-free operations when using the program.

The program is also more affordable compared to the other parental control software, and also outperforms them in terms of activities monitored. You also do not need a root in order to install the program in the target device. The application can operate in the background of the target device without ever the need of a root, and without ever being detected by the user of the target phone.

Customers are also guaranteed of 24 hour customer care support, both online and offline.

Quick FoneMonitor Reviews

Website Layout

fonemonitor discount coupon

Their official website ( is easy to navigate with all the relevant links found in strategic places on the home page.

Order and Payment

After selecting your preferred plan, you will be prompted to pay using your preferred payment method. There are a variety of methods available for making payments on the site, which include debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.

Customer Service

There is a comprehensive contact page on the website where you can find all of the contact details you need in order to get in touch with the company quickly.

Online Support

You are guaranteed of 24/7 online support through the company’s live chat website feature as well as its main social media handles.

Bottom Line – Should I Buy FoneMonitor?

Yes, you should buy FoneMonitor in order to monitor the phone activities of your employees or of your children. If you purchase a plan now, you will pay less because of the ongoing company promotion of up to 25% off with special FoneMonitor discount coupon below.

New FoneMonitor Coupon Code:

Fonemonitor coupon codeFoneMonitor – The Most-trusted Parental Control Software & Web Blocker
OS Support: Android & iOS
Price: from $39.99
FoneMonitor Promo Code: 25% OFF on Month Subscription

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